Durag For Men: An Indispensable Accessory

How to choose the right durag for men

Carried by many rap stars such as Eminem, 50 Cents, and Jay Z, the durag has become one of the ciphers of hip-hop culture. More freshly, sportsmen and famous actors have adopted the fashion of durag on sports fields as well as in VIP evenings with more fashionable models. Much more than a fashion effect, it is important to know that durags for men have an unusual history as well as a factual utility. It is an expressive accessory that is not worn without knowing its meaning.

Durag: to show cultural pride

To begin with, the word durag can be written in different ways. Reliant on the source, you may read "do-rag", "doo-rag" or "du-rag". Opposing popular credence, this scarf was not born with hip-hop culture. It is much older than that. The history of the durag goes back to the 19th century.

In fact, it is amazing to note that this fashion accessory worn largely by men today was also useful to women at the time since they used it to protect their hair during the long hours of forced labor. In fact, African-American artists (both men and women) were revitalized on stage and on the carpets at award ceremonies mainly to pay tribute to their ancestors.

A folkloric symbol

Since the 1970s, it has been one of the symbols of protest in African-American culture, notably thanks to the Black Panthers movement. Then, it progressively became a male fashion accessory and one of the cult objects of rap and hip-hop culture in the United States. For many, durag is related to a negative image, that of cliques. In fact, it has often been banned in schools, on campuses, and also in the rules of certain sports leagues such as the NBA. Yet durag should not be identical with controversy, on the contrary, wearing durag characterizes a cultural affirmation, a folkloric symbol. To order a durag for men you must visit our durag website.