Are 6.6kw Solar Size Ideal For Residential Homes?


“Everything you need to know about the 6.6kw solar panels”


The 6.6kw solar panels are certainly the best as per the average Australian requirements. Why is that so? We’ll figure it out gradually in this blog.


We are going to cover every important aspect that makes the 6.6kw solar system size the best one to choose.


Before moving on to the deep details such as where to buy and How Much Does A 6.6kw Solar System Produce, we must get a brief overview of the 6.6kw solar system.


6.6kw Solar Panels Best For Homes

The 6.6kw solar system is understandably the most widely used solar system size across Australia. It is because it is just perfect according to the average household’s requirements.


A solar system of this size can produce enough power to steer you through your daily needs and even more to store.


This system size can prove out as the best solar panel for homes if you attach a battery to it. You will produce enough power for yourself and can become less reliant on the grid electricity. This can result in a lot of savings on the power bills for you.


Now you must be thinking about how many kWh does a 6.6kw solar system produce to power that much load. Let’s find out.


How Much Power Does A 6.6kw Solar System Produce?

A 6.6kw solar system is expected to generate 24kwh of power per day on average. To generate that much power, it takes 16-20 solar panels for the setup of the 6.6kw solar system. The number of panels may vary according to the size of the panels.


The power output may also vary depending upon a few factors. The factors that can influence the power output of your solar power system are:


·         Number of peak sunlight hours

·         Shadows falling on the panels due to the surroundings

·         Orientation of the panels

·         Variation in temperatures


These are the various factors that may affect the output and efficiency of your 6.6kw solar system.


In addition to size, the type and efficiency can also affect how many panels in a 6.6kw solar system are required. We must always use the tier-1 solar panels brand in order to ensure the quality and long life of the panels.


Now, as we know the basic specifications of the 6.6kw solar panels, it’s time to see what makes it a better option than other sizes in the range.


What Makes 6.6kw Solar A Best System Size?

You already got an idea of how much should a 6.6kw solar system generate in order to fulfill all your energy needs and even more power left to store. Earlier the 5kw system size was more popular because of its compact size and good efficiency.


However, the 5kw system is cheaper than the 6.6kw one but the high payback period makes it more expensive in the long run.


With the 6.6kw solar system, you can power all the home appliances including the centralized air-conditioner. With a battery setup attached to the 6.6kw system, you can store enough power to make use of during long power cuts.


The comparison between the 6.6kw and the 10kw solar systems is not a fair thing to do. Yet, when we do it, we find that the 10kw system is a lot more expensive than the best price 6.6kw solar system.


The difference between the payback periods of both systems is not very vast. So, in the big picture, the 6.6kw system is a better deal.


Though, a 6.6kw system can not generate as much power as the 10kw system size. But that is not an issue when you are not going for anything of the commercial scale. For domestic and general purposes, there is nothing that a 6.6kw system size cannot do.


Before you go…

We have gone through enough data that suggests that the 6.6kw solar system is the most versatile size.


It is suitable for both homes and small commercial endeavors such as small coffee shops, one-two-person offices, retail stores, etc. This system size has advantages over the arch-rivals, the 5kw, and the 10kw systems.


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