The Light-weight Vacuum Cleaner Captivates Every Technology-loving Heart

The large capacity vacuum cleaner is suitable for outdoor or commercial cleaning jobs. However, what about modern homes that don't need so much capacity? A smart vacuum cleaner – something compact, yet powerful enough to remove the worst, won't disappoint.

My experience with the following super-light vacuum cleaners (like the Shark uplight apex) will ensure you get what you want and, importantly, aren't too heavy to move.

1. Dyson Animal V8 Vacuum Cleaner

Not the latest line, but the Dyson Animal V8 with the Shark Apex Duoclean Vacuum are two compact, most efficient vacuum cleaners.

Dyson specializes in high-performance vacuums, so the Animal V8 inherits the power, combined with a versatile, cordless design, which is perfect for cleaning the inside without breaking the back strainer. Animal V8's battery provides an amazing amount of power in a short time. Charging takes 4 hours, but the device can work continuously for 40 minutes and work at peak performance within 8 minutes without interruption.

You can use this vacuum cleaner as a stick or handheld, depending on what surfaces you are cleaning. While the sticky mode with a motorized roller equipped with nylon bristles certainly drains the battery faster, believe me, it's still the vacuum you should have in your home. Like many Dyson models, the V8 uses an airtight design that's great for capturing allergens and other unwanted particles.

2. Shark Apex UpLight

As mentioned above, the Shark Uplight along with the Dyson V8 are the two models I recommend the most. This Shark Apex Uplight Vacuum Cleaner looks like a wired version of the Dyson V8, but functionally, the Shark Apex Uplight Duoclean has a lot of unique features that took a long time to experience.

The dual brush roll system is exceptionally strong and ideal for combating animal hair. The dual setting removes bristles from the main brush before they get too tangled. There is a very nice option: a semi-handle option with faucet connections (one hand holding the tank and the other holding the faucet), which you can use for furniture and stairs, and a smaller handheld option for quick cleaning. The Shark apex uplight review shows that it has a larger dust box capacity than many other similar models, so you can rest assured that there is no need to dust too much. Lightweight, compact design, good performance, what else to complain about?

3. Hoover Air Cordless

Respecting the old traditional Hoover vacuum cleaner model, this new Hoover Air Cordless Vacuum updates the design into a cleaner that’s more controllable and easier to move to increase the practical experience.

If you have little space to store your vacuum cleaner, machines like the Shark Apex Uplight will be a bit inconvenient. In contrast, Hoover’s with its cordless design is very useful and fits perfectly into a modern home.

Battery life for a Hoover vacuum is about 25 minutes per full charge. The included accessory is a 2-in-1 brush that specializes in cleaning curtains, carpets, etc. This may not be the smallest vacuum but it’s guaranteed to be born for households with similar living space.

The above article has given you an overview of the super-light vacuum cleaners in 2021 such as Shark apex uplight corded lift away, Dyson V8, Hoover Air Cordless. I hope you find one that's right for your home.