How to Fix a Ricoh Printer from Paper Jam?

Whether you operate Ricoh printers for non-public or industrial purposes, you’ll from time to time run right into a paper jam hassle. In actuality, this hassle influences the bulk of the printers withinside the programmed. Despite the complexity of Ricoh printers, there are a few sincere troubleshooting hints you could use to remedy paper jam problems on your own.

Restart the Ricoh printer for higher results, after which wait a couple of minutes for it to completely turn on. When the printer is ready, you’ll pay attention to a beeping sound. A Ricoh paper jam fault with the tool is indicated in case you again and again pay attention to beeps.

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Various Methods to Fix Ricoh Printer Jams Constantly:

The Fusing Unit Inside

Image Source: Ricoh

Check the stairs to remedy a paper jam in a Ricoh printer if the paper is caught within the fusing unit.

Carefully pull and open the Ricoh printer’s front cowl the usage of the lever furnished at the front cowl.

The jammed paper needs to now be slowly eliminated from the printer’s fusing unit through decreasing the blue fusing unit lever. Pull down the person guide and appearance interior in case you nonetheless cannot find out the caught paper.

To absolutely transfer off the printer, cautiously push up the front cowl with each palm.

When the front cowl is last, firmly push the higher part of the quilt. Check to look if the paper jam hassle has been constant after the last quilt.

Never contact the sections marked with “,” as they often end up warm from the printer’s inner equipment. A heated floor is indicated through this sign. The printer’s fusing phase will also be very warm. Therefore, please use warning and care as you do away with the destroyed paper from the gadget.

Since the vicinity across the manual is already warm, wait till it cools down earlier than searching out paper jams.

Within the Paper Tray

Image Source: Ricoh

In the subsequent instance, we will take a look at a way to clean a Ricoh paper jam that has crept withinside the paper tray. The steps indexed beneath may be used to clean any paper jams in trays 1 or 2.

Carefully decrease the front cowl through pulling out the hole lever this is furnished.

Try cautiously disposing of the caught paper from the paper tray.

Take the paper ahead if it will become caught within the switch tool.

The front cowl will now want to be cautiously driven up till it closes the usage of each of your palms.

Reminder: Avoid disposing of the paper tray (Box 1) as it could end up difficult to replace.

Pull out the tray 2 to clean the paper jam withinside the Ricoh printer if the paper is blocked in tray 2 and you’re not able to discover it. Once all of the paper jams were cleared out, cautiously reinstall tray 2 in the gadget.

Push the higher part of the quilt firmly whilst you are near the printer’s front cowl. Once the printer cowl is shut, see if the Ricoh printer’s paper jam is resolved.

The Transfer Unit itself

Follow the stairs beneath after which repair the wedged paper on your Ricoh printer’s switch unit.

The front cowl of the printer’s launch lever, then regularly slides down.

Now, lightly clean each piece of paper that looks to be jammed within the switch unit.

If you cannot discover the caught paper interior, check out within the gadget very cautiously.

Once more, cautiously press up the front cowl with each of your palms till it closes.

Recall to push the higher part of the quilt firmly whilst last the front cowl. Check once more to look whether or not the Ricoh paper jam mistakes have been resolved after the last quilt.

By pressing and holding down the electricity button for a few seconds, you could flip the Ricoh gadget off. The Ricoh gadget’s electricity transfer, that’s generally a slim purple transfer, is placed at the returned side.


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