Zebra Printer Troubleshooting Guide

Zebra printers have a good track record of dependability even in challenging circumstances. However, even printers with a reputation for dependability occasionally require some care. Despite having a challenging task, printers aren’t often treated with the same attention and consideration as other smart equipment.

The first thing you should do if your Zebra label printer isn’t working as well as it once did is determine if you can fix the problem yourself or whether it needs to be fixed by a professional. Fortunately, Zebra offers a quick test called a pause test that will either save you money on a professional repair or get a specialist to your location more quickly.

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Run a Pause Test on Zebra Label Printers: Instructions

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Does your printer produce labels with a faded appearance, partial label printing, or labels with black or white lines across them? Depending on what’s broken, you might be able to fix it on your own.

Image Source: Zebra Support

Performing a fundamental pause test is as follows:

Turn off the printer.

While turning the printer back on, continue to depress the pause button.

Hold down the pause button until you notice the lights flashing.

Pull the pause lever back.

You’re fine to go if your labels are now being produced flawlessly. Try cleaning your printer as a further step if the labels are still faded or have white lines going through them.

Zebra barcode printer repair

Dust and adhesive residue are frequent causes of subpar performance. Use 99.7% isopropyl alcohol to clean your printhead, sensors, and rollers. Then, ensure the roller beneath the printhead is in good shape. It will need to be changed if you notice any cuts.

Make sure your personnel use a Zebra label printer with the cover down at all times. It is intended to stay cleaner longer thanks to the cover.

Additional Solutions for Print Quality Issues

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Reduce your print speed if your photographs are printing too thinly. The heat or darkness setting may need to be increased if your labels still appear faded. Make sure your labels are loaded properly and that you are using the appropriate ribbon for your label materials.

Label Skipping Fixes

Check to see whether your ribbon and labels are feeding properly if you experience paper or ribbon out errors, or if your printer frequently skips labels. If they are, choose calibrate while pressing pause. On Zebra’s website, you can find calibration instructions for your model if you don’t see this choice.

Then your printer will run through a few labels and recalibrate its sensors. It indicates that the calibration was successful if the printing perfectly stops at the peel edge. Try cleaning the sensors if a label is partially protruding or you are receiving an error message. Calling a professional might be necessary if that doesn’t work.

Solutions For Your Settings Not Saving

Your labelling application or a print driver can be to blame for this problem. Make sure your software’s label properties are set appropriately by checking them. You can also try going to your driver’s printer settings, clicking “advanced configuration,” and then selecting “use printer settings.” This option should prevent your driver or software from going back to previous configurations.

How to Maintain the Performance of Your Zebra Printers

Although they frequently lead to workplace annoyance, new printers aren’t intentionally trying to make your life miserable. They are frequently expected to perform tasks beyond those of a laptop yet are rarely given the upkeep and attention they require. There will be additional interruptions and print quality problems if they aren’t maintained on a regular basis.

If you use Managed Print Services (MPS) for your other office printers, you are probably well aware of how much good preventative maintenance can do. Although MPS offers many additional advantages for businesses, it may be time to look for a new provider if your present one doesn’t cover your industrial printers.

How Managed Print Services from A1 Printer Repair Services Provide More

One of the many reasons we adore Zebra printers is that their current lineup is made to easily administer remotely by the proper provider and interact with more systems.

Regardless of the printer’s manufacturer, A1 Printer Repair Services can give MPS on any printer, and we also include print security as part of our standard offering. Because of the advanced print software we utilize, we can get a specialist out right once to fix any issues that arise before they cause a disturbance. Finally, as a Premier Zebra Business Partner, we are fully knowledgeable about Zebra’s product line, enabling us to constantly offer top-notch assistance.

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