Short Wigs are Having a Moment

Short wigs are making waves both on celebrity red carpets as well as editorial shoots. Short styles like pixie crop or ombre spikes have a lot of options for those looking to try something new.

Finding a bob that is short enough to match your facial shape and achieve the look you desire can be difficult, so choosing one that flatters your face is the most important thing to consider. You can consider shoulder-length wigs to elongate the face or to add some volume fringed styles.


If you're unsure of how to manage your hair that is short or experiencing permanent damage or hair loss, wearing a stylish yet flexible wig is an excellent way to transform yourself without making permanent changes to the hair you have. Make a change and give yourself an eye-catching new look with a wig short that emphasizes your beauty while boosting confidence in who you are as an individual.

Whatever your style or preference, there's sure to be a short wig style out there that will suit. If you have a round face choose a wig with height and volume on top to make features appear larger and give an illusion of oval-shaped features. Square or rectangular-faced people should select a bob with either straight or wavy ends that enhance their look.

Short wigs offer more style options than long wigs, allowing you to wear different looks from day to night easily. Wigs crafted from heat-friendly synthetic fibers like Kanekalon can be straightened or curled in the way desired and will retain their look for longer time than the natural hair, as well as with the correct product, they can be styled to a spiky or textured look. They also require less time in terms of styling time which protects the fibers and prolongs their lifespan. This means you'll have less stress and more enjoyment. are spent worrying about damaging the hair rather than fretting.

The authenticity

short hair wigs can reveal your inner diva. From cute blonde layered styles to stylish red and fiery brown options Short wigs are made to highlight facial features and exude natural beauty - sure to delight your loved ones and friends.

With a short wig it is possible to make more unique styles making use of various hair products to spruce your appearance. For instance, using hairspray gives your wig with a short length a vibrant and stylish look. Texturizing spray adds an extra dimension and texture to give an attractive, youthful appearance.

A little flair to your style with a short wig is simple. All it takes is some accessory or scarf to boost its appearance! Bobby pins may even help keep it secure until the time for washing - just be sure to use proper maintenance products to keep the quality and longevity between washes!

To achieve a natural-looking appearance with a wig that is short opt for a lace front style like Gabor's Arrow wig or a hand-tied Jazz Mono. The monofilament top gives an illusion of hair growing out of their scalps, giving them an extremely realistic appearance. Choose heat-styleable synthetic alternatives like WhisperLite or Kanekalon styles from us to enhance your style.


Whatever the reason, whether it's to treat cancer or hair loss caused by alopecia short wigs made with the highest quality hand tied construction offer unbeatable comfort and mimic the appearance of real hair strands to the highest degree possible.

Short wigs enable you to reduce the time you spend styling your hair, which means you have more time to focus on the things that are most important in your life. This is particularly useful if you lead an active life and need to manage family obligations, work or fitness-related activities along with the daily maintenance chores.

Short wig styles also typically require less upkeep in terms of conditioning and shampooing compared to longer styles due to reduced exposure of shorter strands to elements - this lowers the risk of heat damage while increasing longevity of your wig!

Short wigs provide the ideal backdrop for striking accessories which won't cost a fortune, including earrings and necklaces that feature bold designs. Earrings with a dangling design are particularly attractive and you can also experiment with head coverings that show off your unique style such as scarves. Additionally wearing a headband will permit more airflow through your tresses to ensure that your hair stays cool in hot weather!

Low Maintenance

Short wig styles require less maintenance than their larger counterparts, which makes them the ideal choice for women with a short time but still want to have a fashionable and stylish new look. Short wigs are usually styled to make it easy to change it into an updo or stunning bob look with ease.

The fiber used in wigs also impacts their maintenance requirements. For instance, synthetic versions that are made of simple-care Kanekalon or WhisperLite hair fibre requiring washing only every seven wears or so to prolong their lifespan and shield them from heat styling tools or the elements outside. Human hair and heat-friendly synthetic wigs must be cleaned more frequently; Kanekalon or WhisperLite synthetics made of fibre can be worn for a number of times before having to be washed again - however for human hair or heat-friendly synthetic hair, wigs constructed with heat-friendly synthetic hair should be washed every seven wears or less to prolong their lifespan. Heat friendly synthetic hair and heat friendly synthetic heat-friendly synthetic hair should be cleaned at least each seven wears in order to prolong their durability and safeguard against damage caused by exposure to heat-styling tools as well as elements. This can also increase their longevity significantly.

The right length for your client is crucial to your client's comfort and confidence. A wig that is shorter will feel less intrusive on their head and will blend better with their natural locks.

Our selection of short wigs is comprised of pixie cuts that are petite to longer layered looks and sophisticated bobs. It also includes styles from Ellen Wille like Cara Deluxe and Stay Wig. Crafted from lightweight yet breathable materials our selection of short wigs is suitable for cancer patients and others who are experiencing hair loss from medical treatments like radiotherapy or radiation.