Hotel Round Top Texas

The Hotel Round Top is a relaxing weekend getaway for antique enthusiasts and consumers. Paige and Smoot Hull's vintage chic cottages--such as their teepee with sheetrock and Frida's bathroom have transformed this Vintage Round Top the ultimate iconic image for social media influencers.

In the fall and spring treasure hunters come to this hamlet of the past to look for bargains. But it is worth stopping by year-round due to its unique hotels and boutiques such as the Junk Gypsy sister's Wander Inn.


Hotel Round Top Texas rooms provide you with a perfect experience to enjoy your trip, from boutique hotels with gardens to shipping container accommodations - you are sure to find the one that is ideal for you! It is recommended to book in May when prices are at their lowest. However, this might not be accurate, so be sure to check availability and price match before making your choice.

As much as Round Top Antiques Fair attracts treasure hunters and shopping aficionados from all over the world, there's always plenty for visitors to enjoy in the charming Texas town throughout the year. There are a variety of artistically curated shops are open all year round along with its idyllic nature that can't be missed.

Round Top offers several unique places to stay, such as an historic tin-roof farmhouse, restored cottage and old Cigar Factory building. If you want to experience a unique and chic atmosphere, look into Carmine Coop and Coyote Station Lodging Both offer a variety of rooms inside an 18th century farmhouse that are lovingly restored along with dining options on the premises.

The Frenchie Boutique Hotel in Round Top offers cozy yet romantic accommodation, with antique furniture and modern amenities such as wireless internet access for guests. It is located close to restaurants and shops The hotel has its private garden and the option of parking in a private garage for guests' convenience.


On a scorching Texas hot summer's day there is nothing better than cooling off in a clear, crystal-clear pool. Round Top boasts numerous such choices for guests staying at hotels and short-term rentals around town; whether it's for Instagram photography for family vacations, bachelorette party planning purposes - these pools will make any trip even more memorable!

The Frenchie Boutique Hotel in Texas is an idyllic wedding and honeymoon spot, perfect for couples, friends or families seeking an idyllic rustic wedding venue or a private honeymoon spot. Each room is luxuriously furnished with everything you need for a relaxing stay - flat-screen TVs, mini fridges and even flat-screen televisions and some rooms even have private balconies! In addition, there's a bar/restaurant on site and massage services and wine tours that are available only for guests!

The Frenchie Hotel in Round Top offers guests an ideal location close to antique stores, restaurants and shopping. Spa services in the rooms and access to hot tubs are in the standard amenities of this hotel, as do free WiFi and outdoor seating, which includes a communal fire pit as well as seating spaces. In addition, this hotel provides a range of luxurious services such as Chef's Kitchen service and wine tastings, spa treatments and three-course dinner reservations, which need to be booked prior to the time of your reservation.


The location plays a crucial role in the pleasure of vacation. Don't waste your precious vacation time looking for parking spots Make sure that your hotel is in a convenient location. Luckily, Round Top boasts several hotels with fantastic locations for reasonable prices. Whether you're looking for luxurious suites or a more affordable option, there's a room perfect waiting for you.

If you're planning to visit to Round Top, these hotels provide fun and memorable stays at Round Top. In walking distance is Round Top Antique Trail. Round Top Antique Trail, and Round Top town features boutiques and eateries for an enjoyable shopping experience. Take a break while you search for that unique item!

Round Top is a small yet charming town where life moves in a leisurely manner which is both relaxing and stimulating simultaneously. There, guests linger to chat, friends drop by to say hi and a variety of shops keeps life interesting throughout the year.

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If you're traveling on a budget Round Top offers several affordable hotels with amenities such as free wifi and parking. Some include breakfast as part of their package deals! A stay in one of these properties could save you money when attending events like the Round Top Antiques Show.

Round Top also boasts several luxurious boutique hotels with amenities like free WiFi and coffeemakers which are ideal for families and couples alike! They are all conveniently located near tourist spots such as Windy Winery or Lee County Courthouse. There could also be luxurious establishments that cater to certain types of traveler, such as those that promise every guest they encounter will feel safe as well as welcomed throughout their stay.

If you're looking for smaller, more intimate accommodation, Round Top has many Bed and Breakfast (B&B) and Inn options which offer private accommodations at less rates than hotel rooms with amenities like outdoor hammocks or fire pits. One such B&B in Round Top offering these unique amenities is the Frenchie Boutique Hotel that provides free private parking as well as a garden. In addition, Coyote Station Lodging offers spacious accommodations complete with air conditioning as well as kitchen access shared with other guests - ideal for extended stays!

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