A guide for Jon Renau Wigs

Jon Renau offers an exceptional range of wigs that can meet every hair loss issue or to simply bring an element of surprise to your daily routine. Made from only top-quality products, their wigs are recognized for their elegance as well as their durability and top-quality construction.

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Cameron Wig

A Wig liner is a low-cost and simple way to maintain the look of your wig for extended wear. Made from Velcro strips that are wrapped around your hairline and secures the wig to it, wig lines keep sweat from accumulating under your wig, as well in the accumulation of sweat or hair debris accumulation. Wig liners are recommended for anyone who is planning to wear a the wig to last for longer periods.

Cameron is a refined Bob style that has a subtle elegance. It features layers that frame your face for motion and depth, its monofilament top gives what appears to be natural-looking growth. Additionally, the temple-to-ear front lace is easily adjusted to fit your head without needing glue or tape to allow the front of your temple to fit comfortably and contour without tape or glue being necessary - perfect to fit all sizes of heads including average size Large Caps with a 100% hand tied Base! This Jon Renau Wig is available in the Average size Petite Large Caps for your interest!

Zara Wig

Zara, a gorgeous short cropped style that has the front in lace, offers this sought-after style with unparalleled elegance.

Zara is a striking variety of color options and lengths which include 11 inches on the crown and front, and 10 and a half inches on sides as well as nape. The cap design combines wefting at the sides and back with a hand-tied monofilament top to create a natural-looking look that you can cut off wherever it is most comfortable for you.

Jon Renau's SmartLace Lite feature provides weightless natural motion and off-the-face styling, without glue or tape, and adjustable ear tabs with velvet-covered ear tips and adjustable straps make for a light and comfortable wig perfect piece to add appearance effortlessly. It makes an invaluable declaration about human hair wigs that are versatile accessories that allow wearers to achieve their ideal look effortlessly and with confidence.

Drew Wig

Jon Renau's HD Collection presents The Drew Wig A simple-care long straight synthetic hair wig designed featuring Heat Defiant fibre that can be styled using straight irons or curling tools exactly like natural hair. In addition, this wig features Smartlace hairline technology as well as a monofilament crown to give natural results.

This gorgeous four-tone ash blonde wig provides stunning style for those who like lighter shades. The lace front construction and monofilament top allows styling to be removed from the face to create an authentic, natural look and create the illusion of natural growth.

Long, lush layers combine for the timeless, yet vibrant appearance, resulting in this classic timeless style. Thanks to a temple to temple lace front with multi directional splitting capability and a monofilament top that allows multi-directional parting, you are able to style this wig any way you want!

Courtney Wig

Courtney is a beautiful long layered synthetic wig designed to feel and look like your natural locks, featuring a monofilament top and hand tied construction for an authentic appearance.

This long wig features soft face framing layers and the versatility of changing its part this makes it a perfect solution for people suffering from severe to total hair loss. Additionally, there's a variety of colors to choose from so you can get the perfect style!

The care for the lace front wig must be handled with care. Avoid pulling on its front lace since this could stretch and fray it with time. Instead, use the ear tabs on it to move it around to ensure a perfect fit and to maintain the natural look while extending the duration of the use.

Spicy Wig

The summer heat are particularly uncomfortable for people who wear wigs. To combat this discomfort, find a breathable and comfortable style of wig to wear; accessories like headbands or clips can add a personal touch; shorter style wigs could keep hair off your neck as an additional option.

Your wig with a lace front will blend in naturally with your natural hairline, allowing for style that is not on the face with the help of netting that hairs are sewn into to give a real-looking appearance.

Synthetic wigs are a different option, as they can be easily washed and styled with heating tools for maintaining and styling. Although synthetics are more easy to manage than human-hair wigs but they can't breathe as freely due extreme temperatures and intense exposure to sunlight, which can harm the wigs over time. When you're looking for one in person, your oncology team as well as your cancer group could suggest stylists at the salon near you as a great place to purchase.

Raquel Welch Wig

Raquel Welch Wigs look exquisite wigs that have been modeled after her legendary model and fashion-forward status. Comfortable yet stunning in design The lightweight and natural-looking wigs make everyday wear easy for those who don't want to wear weighty wigs that can cause discomfort.

This selection includes human and synthetic hair wigs with different styles for males. Synthetic options come with both curly and straight textures, while human wigs feature both long and short options, some featuring Monofilament tops or lace fronts to create the illusion to look like natural scalps and hairlines.

The wigs are made of premium fibers that mimic the appearance and feel of real hair. This makes them lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear for long durations, easy to style, rewashable, and designed to renew your appearance every few washes.