Why WoW Classic Burning Crusade is still very interesting in 2021

Whether you admit it or not, the truth is the Warcraft Classic: The Burning Crusade is currently the most popular game. "Dark Gate" just opened on June 3 this year. The Warcraft Classic: "Transition" is the "World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade". ". Players can stay in the original World of Warcraft classic era or migrate to the extended burning expedition era on the same server according to their choice. Approximately 99% of senior roles have migrated. It seems that the TBC classic version of "World of Warcraft" still benefits from being a replacement for "World of Warcraft" Shadowlands/Retail. Here are a few reasons to play Classic instead of Shadowlands.

The first point is that the TBC classic version has a closer community/community awareness. "We are together" is still the common mentality of players in TBC, which is not in Shadowlands. This kind of unity and friendship is what made "World of Warcraft" so popular at the time, that is, the fusion of new friendships, the reason why people gather together in the open world to complete difficult tasks and tasks and persist for a few hours.

The second point is that loot drops are very important. Every item is precious and can greatly improve your character's ability to tank, heal or cause damage. Epics are really epics, and they are more difficult to obtain than the retail version of Shadow Nation, so they are of great value to every player. Even the greens are considered valuable. They can have good statistics and greatly improve you when you level up. Moreover, because they increase the drop rate in Outland, they are real gold mines. Potions are coveted and sought after, and knowing that they can save you at the last minute is safe. If you want to become stronger quickly and want to get more TBC WOW Classic Gold, you can take a look at MMOTBC. There is TBC Classic Gold For Sale.

The third point is that the player can play the game at a slower speed or, so to speak, at the correct speed. Since the cataclysm, every hundred yards of flying points, exploring the open world, have begun to be missed in the game. In Classic and TBC, we encountered this situation again. Especially if you are missing a high-speed mount. Find the area and creatures to be killed to complete the mission. Even simple agriculture is very interesting. Do not have to rush to complete the task, it is also a comfortable place to play the game.

The fourth point is that every character progress step feels very important. It is indeed, every word. Grade progress, 58-62, 62-65, 65-68, 68-70. The mount improved, the reputation improved. The gear progresses from green to blue, and finally epic to the second specification you desire. Due to the difficulty of the game and the slower pace, this really feels important, just like a celebration.

The fifth point is that danger is everywhere. This is also the point where players feel the excitement. In "Shadow Kingdom", unless you enter Mythic+ Dungeons, the real feel of the game is very simple. This is not the case in TBC and Classic. A simple mob can cause significant damage to your character, and unless you are careful, you will find yourself often running from the nearest graveyard to your character's corpse.

Finally, it is epic that TBC Classic has a large number of glods. In the recent retail expansion, gold has lost its value. It really takes hours and bumps, you have more than 100K gold coins in your backpack. This is not the case in the classics! Most people carry a few or dozens of gold coins in their backpacks, which they can accept. Gold farming is difficult. Except for a few players who have purchased fast flying mounts, they still have thousands of them. Unless you buy World of Warcraft classic gold coins. Some people even purchase a level 70 World of Warcraft TBC account or NW coins. Of course you can Buy TBC WOW Classic Gold.

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