The impact of the new world is very large across World of Warcraft and other games

Fans of MMO had a difficult time. Of course, there are many options to meet various niche needs, but if you are looking for something new, you may have to wait a long time to innovate. Most large dogs are beginning to reveal their age and can be very formulaic as they come up with new tricks in each extended cycle. But in the past three decades, it is also important to iterate on the more traditional functions that the best MMOs have improved.

There are also many inspirations outside of MMORPG. When designing games, you draw inspiration from almost every game you have played, whether you realize it or not, Lane explained. He personally found inspiration from many games, it is difficult to list a few, but the most important ones are World of Warcraft, Dark Souls, Diablo, Guild Wars, and even a little DayZ.

The team believes that even when making something new, you need to understand the history depicted by the game boulders that form the basis of the genre. Although their team drew inspiration from other games, they didn't try to recreate them just because other games did them. There is a good route here, between being inspired and iterating by a more traditional experience that players consider to be MMO gameplay, while providing enough innovation to revive a scene that feels a bit stale.

MMO is social in nature because you are surrounded by other players, but sometimes they feel like a single player. There must be more traditional MMO elements in the core game design of the new world. The "trinity of dungeons, world PvP, tanks, healing and DPS."

Faced with the challenges of new games, the "World of Warcraft" classic is rapidly deviating from its original promise that the MMO games that existed in 2007 "take it or leave." Since its release, Blizzard has made many changes that have never been seen in the original game. What happens in the game may be within control, but Blizzard is trying its best to maintain balance.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic tests its most controversial changes, allowing players on North American servers to line up to participate in battlefield PvP matches with their own factions. What remains unchanged is that after 17 years of evolution, the never-ending war between the Alliance and the Horde is still the decisive feature of World of Warcraft. This is also the reason why many players are disappointed. Since the introduction of MMO, players have actually been divided into two groups and they never interact except for fighting with each other. If each of the different races does not have unique abilities that can give players an advantage in PvP and PvE battles, then this will not be a problem.

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