Excellently Whirlybird

Whirlybirds, additionally referred to as ‘turbine vents’, are a kind of semi-mechanical vent that can be set up at the roof of a assets to assist to eliminate warmness and ventilate the roof cavity. Whirlybirds are especially famous in Australia, as they paintings to offer right roof air flow in houses that heat up easily.


A completely common addition too many families, whirlybirds are just one of the many ventilation structures to be had. Whirlybirds do no longer use any strength and had been used in Australian homes for years. With so many ventilation systems available, it’s vital to pick one that is going to improve the air first-class of your private home and reduce reliance on air conditioning and heating gadgets. The massive query is: do whirlybirds work?

This text will damage down the fundamentals of roof whirlybirds, what number of whirlybirds do I need, and whether or not or no longer roof whirlybirds clearly work.



Whirlybirds are cylindrical domes that sit at the roof of a constructing and spin inside the wind, developing a vacuum which extracts warm air from the ceiling hollow space. Whilst the solar beats down on the roof, it heats the ceiling and roof hollow space as much as immoderate temperatures. As a result, the warmth infiltrates the interiors, making the dwelling areas uncomfortable and stuffy. To catch up on this compensated heat, whirlybirds offer a power-loose roof ventilator to control roof area temperatures.


Whirlybirds are designed to extract warm and damp air from roofing areas, dramatically improving temperatures and growing the comfort of a assets. via disposing of damp and humid air within a roof void, you dispose of any potential mold or bacteria troubles. In summer season, whirlybirds minimise excessive temperatures, preserving the areas excellent and cool. all through winter, whirlybirds work to cast off extra humidity and dampness, preventing mildew and micro organism growth.


Putting in a whirlybird is an inexpensive manner to make your own home extra power-efficient, ventilated, and unfastened from odours and rancid air. Counting on whirlybirds way much less dependence on aircon and heating gadgets. Whirlybirds use no energy and may spin for greater than twenty years while properly-maintained; keeping your private home at ease and clean.



• Remove excess heat

• Helps to minimise mould and dampness

• Improves air quality and removes odours

• Cheap to install and free to run

• Saves on air conditioning and heating costs

• Available in Colorbond colours to suit your roof style


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