What about Cloud-based video surveillance?

Cloud-based video surveillance is in demand by both individuals and businesses. Video surveillance tasks differ for these two categories, and the equipment required also varies depending on the task.

Video surveillance for the home

For individuals, it is important to install cameras in second homes to monitor the security of the property. In today's world, many people are losing their jobs, leading to an increase in crime and the number of thefts. Video surveillance of children is also significant - parents can safely let their child play in the backyard or in another room if there is a camera installed there that they can connect to at any time and see what is happening with their child. Video surveillance of elderly relatives is also in demand (with their consent, of course). The most important thing for the subscriber here is that they can connect to the cameras at any time, from anywhere, and get relevant information about the state of their property, their children or their elderly relatives.
The most important device for this type of customer is a smartphone and an application installed on it. Among other things, you can configure event notifications - for example, the application sends push messages when the camera detects motion. If this is not enough, the customer can resort to the web interface. It offers additional possibilities - managing access rights of other users (for example, you can grant family members access to the cameras), mosaic to see the image of all cameras at once (this feature will appear in the mobile application in the near future). There is also the possibility to fully configure and manage the system, so you can quickly and conveniently configure the cameras.
Individuals most often opt for WI-FI cameras that do not require cables and can be easily moved from one place to another. Nowadays, most cameras have a built-in rotation mechanism that allows you to rotate, tilt, and zoom in and out by connecting to the camera remotely. This way, the user can get a more complete picture of what's going on in their home while they are away.