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When it comes to wig colors, there is a plethora of options. The majority of styles are available in ten to forty different color options, including brunettes, blondes, greys, rooted options, and more. In our blog post explaining wig vendors color codes, we mentioned that each manufacturer uses the same color code system when creating their unique blend of wig colors that they offer. However, you may notice that the same color may appear slightly or even drastically different between honest hair company styles from the same brand. This is because the wig styles are made of different materials. The Experts are here to demonstrate and explain why the same good hair vendors color numbers appear to be different depending on:



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Lighting, texture, and length of fibers are all important considerations.



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Take, for example, the color Champagne Rooted by Ellen Wille and examine it in various light sources.

Tab by Ellen Wille is the featured style.

It all comes down to lighting, and more specifically, the way light reflects off the pigment in the hair, and how that affects wig colors. Light reflects differently depending on how the hair is styled, for example, wavy hair reflects differently from straight hair.

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Not only does hair texture affect the color of the wig, but so does hair length. Because of the way the fibers are distributed throughout the wig, each of the three lengths (short, medium, and long) has a slightly different coloring. Even if all three cuts are made from the same wig color, they will all appear slightly different in appearance. The difference is slight, but it is still noticeable.

Now that we've established how light affects wig colors, we can move on to discussing how different fiber types affect the appearance of your wig. Due to the presence of yellow and red pigments in human hair fiber, the color of human hair fiber will always appear warmer. The synthetic fiber, on the other hand, will appear cooler in color and will show more contrast between the colors that have been blended together to create the unique shades. The color of heat-friendly synthetic fiber is different from the color of the other two fibers mentioned above. The appearance of the hair is either warm or cool depending on the manufacturer and their color standards. Take a look at the differences between human hair, synthetic fiber, and heat-friendly synthetic fiber in the image below.

Choosing a wig color can be difficult, but our Wig Experts are always on hand to assist you. To learn more about finding your perfect wig color, schedule a virtual consultation with one of our Client Care Representatives.