Why do you have to use Easyfie?

Why do you have to use Easyfie?



The marketplace is the most demanding platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs. But your search for a marketplace that may be on social media and a giant e-commerce platform is less effective. 

Because, the social media marketplace bothers you with its unnecessary comments, reacts and other sellers, and your product becomes lifeless under hundreds of other posts posted by your competitors. 


And the problem with selling under on a giant e-commerce platform, you can't have your customers’ relations and control. They chose and control your customers. Here's you lose your Brand value. You can't measure your customers and understand their needs and pain point. Because you don't have the right and access to know about your customers on other platforms. Besides, you have to pay a commission on every sale you made. How complicated!  


Here's the solution we have brought for you, the Easyfie Buy-Sale platform, where you get your account on your own and sell your products without any complexity with your competitors. You don't have to face the irrelevant comments, reacts and time-wasting messages. The order option will help you to communicate with your customers. 


Here you don't have to pay commission for your sale, and you will have full access to contact and survey your customers. Your direct relation with your customers will bring you the opportunity to increase your sales possibility and act according to the customer's demand. Your offer might attract customers, you do on the Easyfie Buy-Sale marketplace. 


So, Sell on Easyfie Buy-Sale and experience your true freedom with your customers. Love, care and understand your customers. 

2. Job: 


Searching for a job is difficult for students. They become confused to get a job and find an opportunity where they can explore their abilities. The platform they have where they can search for jobs sometimes doesn’t match their abilities and choices.  So, Are you looking for a platform where can post jobs and circular as a business owner? And find your needed co-workers. 


What if you get a platform where you can post jobs and opportunities to find your targeted co-workers?

Here, we are offering you to have your official account and create your website on Easyfie.com and post your jobs according to your recommended choices and abilities and explore your company’s potential growth.    

3. Offer:  


Customers attract your product offers. The better way you give offers to your customers the more sales possibility will increase. Your offers for customers will determine your sales.  


Focusing on your needs, Easyfie comes with a unique feature only for offers. With that feature, you can post your latest offers for your website. 


Let's know how it works. .. 


4. Local: 


How do you support your customers? As e-commerce entrepreneurs, most entrepreneurs focus on selling products over long distances. And it pays the higher delivery cost.  But they forgot to focus on the local market. Where Local market is easier and more important for entrepreneurs. It's easy to deliver products, deal with customers, build relations to expand repeat customers on the local market.  


Focusing on local opportunities, Easyfie brought the local feature specially designed for entrepreneurs to be connected to the local consumers. Easyfie shows every product to your local consumers, and when nearby customers search for a product Easyfie will show your shop according to the distance. 


Every day we search for our needs online sometimes daily needs some time information, esyfie.com especially provide precise information based on local and nearest location, 


Users can search jobs, products, services, local information, and article based on interest,