How to Use a Sears Credit Card Account

There are different benefits available just because users have done sears login. If you do not know what Sears is, here is a brief explanation. 

What is Sears?

They are the leading merchandise retailers existing for about more than 100 years. They offer their users with Sears’s cards and also they are partnered with Citibank. Users who hold this card will avail various benefits and rewards based on the purchases they make. 

Different methods to access credit cards: 

The types of credit cards are online account access, telephone access and in-person access. 

Also remember that only if you register for a Sears account, you will be eligible to access the services that the card provides. Then, the login can be made with the registered account. 

To register online:

Step 1: Go to the account and then type your account number. 

Step 2: After entering the account number, type the social security number of the primary card holder, date of birth and zip code in the respective fields. Other information asked is optional, you can provide only if you want to add. 

Step 3: Then in the next page you will have to type User ID and password, with this information only you can log in. So remember this information. 

Step 4: Now for safety reasons, two security questions will be asked to set. 

Step 5: Further more information will be asked; after adding all those details you can now click on the continue option to complete the registration. 

This is how a sears account online registration must be done. 

 Access via telephone:

You can even make a call to the customer service representative regarding your Sears card. 

 In person access:


In person you can access this card by going to any stores and also you can pay your bills using this method. 

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