Breaking Down Acoustic Design

When it comes to acoustic design, it can be difficult to comprehend. For starters acoustics are common problems for both architects and designers. It is not an easy task as many factors can create a multitude of issues. Architects must take into consideration room size, floor covering, ceiling, and other materials. These all affect the acoustics within a room. To avoid acoustics from becoming an issue, acoustical design services can assist.

Breaking it Down

No space is the same. Buildings are all designed uniquely by architects. With that being said, acoustics within a building are not the same as the next. Many different things can go wrong when it comes to acoustics. For example, the background noise level is an issue that is not as heavily addressed as it should be. A building that was newly constructed can obtain excessive sound levels that do not allow for the space to be used for its intended purpose. While this is not the case for all spaces, it is for some. Sound absorption is often not addressed until after a building has been constructed. 

In a restaurant, sound absorption can be beneficial to create a more intimate setting as noise is reduced. Without sound reduction, people would not be able to hear those they sit with at a table. Gymnasiums are another example of a space where sound absorption is often ignored. However, once the gymnasium is filled it is almost impossible to not miss words being spoken. To assist in addressing sound issues, acoustic engineering services can provide efficient solutions.


Depending on the purpose of the space you are building, ensure to be strategic. Important decisions to consider that can assist in mitigating acoustic issues is where your space is located. The last thing you would want is to place a recording studio by train tracks or a nightclub. These are common mistakes that can increase the cost of acoustic services. Location is vital to limit sound and echoes.

Shape Your Spaces

Think strategically about acoustic design at the beginning stages of a project. Consider a room's size and shape. These factors determine acoustics services. Round rooms can result in acoustical problems that are hard to address. Avoiding this type of room can lead to one fewer headache. Also, note the acoustical properties of the items in your space. 

Working With Valcoustics Canada LTD

For over 65 years, Valcoustics Canada Ltd has provided acoustical engineering services. At Valcosutics, we provide professional services for a wide variety of spaces and issues. Our world is becoming mechanized, which causes sound levels to increase. These sounds can result in an overwhelming experience. For more information about Valcoustics, visit our site or call us today.