What to Check While Buying New Tyres?

There are multiple factors to consider while buying new tyres for your vehicle. Tyre Markings and labelling are crucial to consider when purchasing new tyres.


Tyre Markings 


Ever noticed an alphanumeric code on new tyres? The dimension of a tyre is mentioned on the sidewalls for quick selection. Most new car owners are unaware of the markings while buying new tyres. The markings denote the various features of the tyre and help in picking the right Car Tyres Shrewsbury


In a Marking of 195 75 R15 Tyre


195: The first three digits are the width of the tyre measured in millimetres from one sidewall to another. Also, a wider tyre can improve traction, stability and contact area but uses more fuel than the narrow ones. 


75: The following two or three numbers after the width indicate the aspect ratio. It refers to the height of the tyre in relation to the diameter. The number 75 means that the height of the specific tyre is 75% of its width. Moreover, if the aspect ratio is greater, then the sidewalls will be bigger. Also, a low aspect ratio offers high performance and enhances lateral stability.


R: The letter after the aspect ratio indicates the construction style of that tyre. Letter R denotes Radial construction, D for diagonal construction and B for bias belt constriction. 


15: The last numbers after the construction indicate the diameter of the wheel at which the particular tyre can fit. If a tyre has a diameter of 15 inches, then it can be installed at a wheel of the same diameter. 


  • Load Index: The load index of the tyre comes after the diameter. The load index is a two-digit or three-digit figure that indicates the maximum capacity or weight a specific tyre can safely carry at the highest allowed speed. For instance, if a tyre has a load index of 90, then it can carry weights of up to 1323 lbs.


  • Speed Index: After the load index, the speed index of a tyre is specified. The speed index shows the maximum speed a tyre is allowed to go. Also, the speed index of a tyre that you pick should be equivalent to the top speed of your car. 


  • SSR: The SSR marking indicates run-flat tyres. The reinforced sidewalls of run-flat tyres allow them to perform well even during a puncture.


  • M+S: This sign refers to "Mud and Snow". It indicates the tyre's capacity to drive over muddy or snowy roads.


  • DOT Code: The DOT code reveals relevant information about where and when the specific tyre you purchase was developed. 


  • 45/2021: The last four digits on a tyre after the DOT code mentions the week as well as the year the specific tyre was made. 

Tyre Labelling 


  • Rolling Resistance

This is an important factor to keep in mind when purchasing new tyres for your vehicle. The rolling resistance can influence the fuel consumption and the mileage of a car when driving. Apart from the marking, the rolling resistance of the tyre can also be affected by the design and air pressure. A tyre with low rolling resistance and proper air pressure can help reduce fuel consumption and reduce expenses. To add further, the rolling resistance of a tyre ranges from A to E, where the letter A is most efficient, and E is the least efficient tyre.


  • Wet Grip

The Wet grip is a different factor to check while buying new tyres for your vehicle. The wet grip symbol refers to the braking ability of a car tyre when manoeuvring in wet road conditions. If the tyre has an impressive wet grip, then it will improve the performance and decrease the risk of skidding. Furthermore, the wet grip labelling is also categorized from A to E, where A refers to quick braking distance, and E indicates the longest braking length. 


  • Noise

Lastly, the external noise label of a tyre indicates the amount of sound generated from a tyre while driving. The noise created from a car tyre is measured in decibels (dB) and ranges from letter A to G. Here, A refers to low noise levels, whereas G indicates the highest levels of noise produced. 


You can drive down to a type provider or opt for a Tyre Fitting Shrewsbury service to get the right tyre at your doorstep.