Moncler Jackets me

Hiroshi Fujiwara has got it totally sorted. As he explains down a Zoom in anticipation of the latest chapter of his Fragment (or Frgmt as it is increasingly termed) collaboration with Moncler as part of the Genius jamboree, his IP and creativity lives in the cloud - allowing him to live in serenity. He said: "I changed the way I work more than 10, or maybe even 20 years ago when I decided I would no longer make any Fragment in my office.

Commenting on the results, Remo Ruffini, chairman and CEO of Moncler S.p.A. said in a statement: "We brought our EMEA e - commerce in - house in May, followed by Japan in July. Moreover, we have reinforced our management team by introducing the role of chief brand officer for the Moncler brand.

There was plenty of down, too, which in Williams' hands was made into oversized parkas and slim - fitting chest harnesses. Williams also developed Moncler's very first garment - dyed down jacket, accessorized by custom versions of Alyx's signature buckle clasp. If Williams's red - hot Nike collaboration is any indication, his Moncler gear will swiftly sell out when it drops starting in August - but the success of the partnership really lies in the fact that it looks like a fantastic Alyx collection recreated out of Moncler nylon and goose feathers.

I do love winter. When this campaign came to Moncler Jackets me, and I understood the creative direction, I was very excited because it's everything we've been waiting for. The embrace.


My interest in photography is tied with fashion. I love the creative aspect, the narrative, and telling a story through a series of images. The atmosphere on the second floor where the men's collection is housed, is, on the other hand, entirely masculine: a space with depth and intimacy, created by alternating areas of shadow and light.