What Common Words Or Phrases Are Used In Writing A Research Report?

Writing the research paper is tact that depends upon the writer who writes it. Research writing is a process where deep knowledge of the facts and figures is required. Sometimes the research papers are written in such an effective way as these attain or grabs the attention form the readers. And sometimes the vice versa of this action takes place.

What is research writing?

Writing the research paper is a matter of great knowledge and information. As far as academic writing is concerned in it the writer has to be very cautious about all the principles and facts which are to be included. With this, the report should have a presentable structure also. Thus research writing is a writing pattern in which the content is written uniquely and authentically and all the relevant facts and information are described by the writer.

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Common Words and Phrased used in Research Writings

There are some common words that are used in research papers these are described as follows:

Original WordPurposeSubstitute
Aims ToExpresses the main motive of the reportApplies to or defines
Presents or DiscussesIntroduction of the topic of the research paperFeatures
Consider AnalyseExplains the analytical approach of the reportInterpretate
Covers  Talks About Deals withPreview the sectionsHighlights
Plays an important roleDiscuss the historical Importance of the contentDirects
Has attained the importance in recent yearsTo describe the recent focus of the researchDiscussion of the topics which have been attained or acknowledged.
To solve the problems the research have attempted many stepsCreating a way to the research questionMany writers have revealed.Recent studies have Promoted…

Thus these were some common words and phrases which are used in the research papers.

With this there are some other words which are used to represent the contrast these are as under:

  • However: the point which is disagreed by you but still you have to say something about this.
  • On the other hand: this is used for making a distinction between the factors. This used to suggest something else than the other mentioned factor.
  • Then Again: this is used to show the doubt on any statement.
  • Yet: this word is used to contrast a different idea.
  • In view of this phrase is used when there is something that has a shade light on something else.


Thus apart from this, the words which are used are described as under:

  • Nevertheless
  • For instance
  • Significance
  • Mostly
  • Conclude
  • Above all.
  • Moreover
  • Likewise
  • In other words.

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