Hello, my name is Marina and I'm an administrator at LEMONSCHOOL.

 Hello, my name is Marina and I'm an administrator at LEMONSCHOOL. On our website https://kiev.lemon.school/ you can find courses that suit you. Even if you've been away from school for some time, it's the perfect time to acquire new skills, get work or make a huge alteration in your life. We'll tell you everything about the new courses , and help you get started in IT.

 The School teaches you how to develop startups and innovative technologies. The School also teaches programming and algorithmization.

 One of the major courses is web-design course Design (Figma) and Prototyping, an online marketing course, PM + BA (Project Manager and the Foundations of Business Analysis), TikTok course advertising course, and numerous others.

 LEMONSCHOOL is the largest IT college in Ukraine. We continue to innovate and develop every year.

 We welcome those keen on learning a new trade or improving their knowledge.

 One of our key performance indicators is the proportion of students employed. To ensure that the percentage is as high as possible We only invite experts from the top IT firms to our teaching staff. We select valuable videos, and arrange the learning process in the most pleasant way. We forward CVs to our partner companies.

 IT classes are a wonderful choice of learning if your ambition is to join the company that organizes an educational institution. This is an ideal option for those who are working at present and would like to switch careers. This is a good possibility for students with little or no experience in the field they are interested in. It is also a great opportunity to gain valuable knowledge free of charge and to expand your CV/portfolio.

 In closing, I'd like to remind you not to be a slave to trendy careers, the army of non-specialist lawyers and economists will prove that. But also do not be afraid of competitiveness due to the courses you take, when you are interested in programming. There is a need for talented programmers.


 Information can transform your life for the better. Make sure you are studying for your goals.