Introducing Youth to Shooting

Let's face it; youth that are not exposed to the shooting sports grow around be adults who don't hunt. Firearms education reduces gun accidents and passes on this ancient sport to today's youth. To keep this age old and time-honored tradition alive, teenagers have to be educated and involved with safe, regulated hunting and shooting. In Mississippi, we're blessed having an abundance of these activities.

Hunters Education


Under Mississippi state law, anyone older than 12 wishing to hunt in the Magnolia state and came to be 1972 or after must complete a hunter's education course before going to the woods. This free 10-hour course is taught by the MDWFP and trained volunteer instructors over the state. Besides having an essential live-fire session, the course is also a wealth of home elevators first aide, field dressing, conservation and other topics. To find the next one in your area call 1-800-354-5033 or your Regional Office. You are able to normally find these throughout every season in your community.


You don't just take this class because you're designed to; you bring it because it generally is what it's called: hunter's education.


Apprentice Program


Since 2011, the MDWFP has offered Apprentice 3-Day Licenses for Mississippi residents. The license fee is $7.00 and includes All Game Hunting and Fishing, เกมยิงปลา Fall and Spring Turkey Hunting, and Archery/Primitive Weapon privileges (providing it's in season at the time). As long as the apprentice hunter has ended 15 and a situation resident, they are able to acquire this one-time temporary license even with no hunter's education card.


This is a great method to have a friend, especially youth like a nephew, daughter, or younger cousin hunting that doesn't know if they will like the activity yet.


Other groups


There are many than 30 Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) programs put up in high schools over the state. Paid for and run jointly by local school districts and the military, the majority of these units conduct basic firearms training and safety at least one time a week. Besides discipline and leadership, many youth develop a love for the shooting sports through this program.


Inside the state is a very healthy branch of the National 4-H Shooting Sports clubs. These are available to kids between 8-18 and offer supervised training and competition. These clubs meet at community ranges and privately owned facilities from Gulfport to Horn Lake.


Scouting has long had a very extensive shooting program. If your children are involved with a local troop, speak with the scoutmaster about shooting merit badges. These programs can be accomplished in air rifle, pistol, shotgun, and rifle classes. Several local scout camps and councils have dedicated ranges in the state such as for instance Camp Binachi in East Mississippi.


No matter what you do, grab a hold of that youth in your lifetime, pull them out of behind the game titles, and talk to them about shooting and hunting. The traditions you save are yours, and it's your decision to pass them on.