Book a hotel in Bhubaneswar- Know the top 6 benefits of hiring a travel agency

Do you know many individuals travelling to the temple city of Bhubaneswar rely on Mishra Tours Travels for planning and arranging their journey? Well, it is all because of the benefits offered by the travel agency to its clients. If you want to book a hotel in Bhubaneswar, rent a car, or personalize the holiday tour package, according to your needs, hiring a reliable travel agency has many benefits. Here are the top benefits of hiring a tour travel agency for your travelling in Odisha.

Save Time and Stress

The best thing about booking through a travel agency is that they will do all the work for you, saving you hours of time along with the headaches of searching the internet for travel deals. Travel agents are known to help their clients in making travel as smooth and stress-free as possible by providing overwhelming amounts of information about the place, so you don’t actually have to raise a finger. Furthermore, you're more likely to enjoy your trip more when you don’t have to deal with the planning process all by yourself.

Added Perks

Travel agencies such as Mishra Tours Travels might be able to give you some special perks because of their good relationships with hotel chains and other vendors. For example, for every trip you book through your travel agency, you can get perks such as free breakfast in your hotel or complimentary massage, flight upgrades, or hotel amenities that online companies simply don’t have access to. They can also add special activities to your trip in order to make it a more special and unforgettable experience for you. Another significant benefit of booking a hotel through a travel agency is that they sometimes can arrange a room upgrade for a better view or a bigger room as per your requirement.

Expert Advice

Travel agencies are experts in their field who can simplify the planning and booking process while ensuring your every requirement is fulfilled. They collect information on their client’s travel plans and provide important details, including travel advisories, recent news, weather conditions, and much more for the destination.

Personalized Experiences

By putting their knowledge, contacts and own experiences to work, a travel agency can craft your ideal itinerary and personalize your experience so that you have a great time with your loved ones. Travel services can be highly personalized and tailored to your exact needs, thereby allowing you to enjoy the wonders of your holiday stress-free and focus on the experience as opposed to booking online.

They are trained to know and understand your preferences ahead of time and can make special requests on your behalf.


Travel agents are real people. When you know you are dealing with actual people, you can travel confidently, knowing you won't be relying on a hard-to-reach customer service centre or an irritating automated voice over if you have inquiries or need support.

Changes and Cancellations

If you need to make changes or cancel your booking, you can travel with your travel agency and find the best possible outcome whereas on booking online, more often than not you will be facing no response via emails or waiting 45 minutes for a call centre to pick up the phone only to be told there’s nothing they can do. With a travel agency, you can make informed decisions as they will provide you with all the information on what is allowed and what is not when booking your travel without having to read all of the terms and conditions.

Bottom Line

If you are looking to book a hotel in Bhubaneswar, look no further than Mishra Tours Travels. In association with several top hotels in Bhubaneswar, it provides you with the option to choose from a wide selection of well-sanitized and clean hotels at an affordable price with 24/7 hours customer service support. All the hotels are centrally located in Bhubaneswar and fully equipped with all the modern amenities in order to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Book now!