A Brief Guide To Exemplification Essay Writing

Students have to work on several academic essay writing projects throughout their educational life. One such essay type is exemplification essays which are quite similar to argumentative essay writing. You have to present a certain idea, and then use examples to prove it. The writer has to focus on persuading the readers with a detailed explanation and make them accept their opinions.  Let us go a bit deeper and discuss it in detail to help you understand better.

What Is An Exemplification Essay?

A type of analytical or argumentative paper that utilizes examples to demonstrate a specific thesis statement is called an exemplification essay. An argumentative essay includes well-researched data, statistics, facts, and examples as evidence. However, an exemplification essay focuses exclusively on examples to illustrate the ideas.

Steps To Successfully Writing An Exemplification Essay Copy

  • Select A Topic: Topic selection is one of the primary things that can take off half of the burden. Go for something unique, and trending that could be useful for the readers.
  • Research: Research is a crucial aspect of any type of academic essay writing. While writing an exemplification essay copy you have to look through multiple sources to gather relevant and useful data.
  • Example Selection: Since examples are the essence of exemplification essay writing, they should not only engross the readers but have to be applicable. Irrelevant examples will only reduce the quality of the paper.
  • Create An Outline: Every writing assignment has high chances of turning futile if there is no pre-defined outline. The need for an outline increases when it comes to writing an exemplification essay copy. You have to ideate, present a thesis, state the examples and maintain a smooth transition throughout.
  • Introduce The Idea: The introduction has to be written in a way that captures the readers' attention, keeps them hooked, and prepares them for what's ahead. Provide the background details, and also add a relevant thesis statement within the introductory part.
  • Main Body: This is where you have to elaborate the details using topic sentences, and appropriate examples. Do not forget to maintain a transition factor.
  • Conclude: At last, you have to conclude the entire write-up by paraphrasing the thesis statement. You can recall some examples and leave some for the readers to imagine. Answer their queries, but also create engagement


An academic essay focusing on the exemplification method of writing requires a unique approach. Thus, the writer must pay attention to creating an outline before starting to write on the topic. Also, add a thesis statement and utilize examples to present the explanation in a simplified way.