Moncler Sale abstracted

The Fulmarus is the down jacket for women rich in traditional references and performance details. Put on that ill - fitted Moncler tee, take an hour - long bus trip out of town, and I've come home.

Entering the installation, one found helmets, Texan boots, blankets, magazines - all a paraphernalia of authentic vintage pieces found and chosen in collaboration with Mask, a Santa Fe vintage shop, while, on the wall, there was a mix of Moncler garments hung together with vintage and collectible pieces.

Although so rooted in the last century, this collection looked - flared pants apart - convincingly contemporary and grounded in the reality of a creative and thrift - sifting dress sense.

Moncler Spa on Monday released its H1 figures, which saw the company make a loss for the first time as it deals with the challenges impacted by . It's "anchor's away" for Moncler Gamme Bleu Spring 2013 and under Thom Browne's creative direction we imagine any nautical notion is fair game.

"This is like Glastonbury, somehow," observed Jonathan Anderson as we dashed from frontstage to back at his show space in tonight's Moncler Genius launch event.

Shod in '70s - style sneakers, the collection descended to sea - level - Life's a Beach-bright florals, Moncler Sale abstracted leis of nylon blossom - through a brand - essential basecamp of mid - weight down jackets with nehru collars in pungently powerful colorways.


It feels like there could be something in that blackness. It's no secret that the program is engineered to speak to the young, international, internet - savvy fashion consumer.