How do I Configure SbcGlobal email on my iPhone?

The decision that you have made to ‘configuration of the SBCGlobal account in the iPhone is easy at the same time more effective to do the same. Most essential thing that users must have while setting up their email on their iPhone is SMTP/POP settings. Also while setting up, the login credential of your email must be given in full details; that is, if you are entering your email address, enter your complete domain with it. 

SBCGlobal email to be set on your iPhone

Follow the steps given below accurately to configure ‘SBCGlobal account on iPhone

Step 1: Open your device and then go to the settings in your iphone.

Step 2: Now click on to the option called, Mail, contact and calendar. 

Step 3: There will be a list of email service providers, if you cannot find the sbcglobal email service, from the other tab, click on to the ‘add account’ option. 

Step 4: It’s time to add all your personal information like name, sbc email address, sbc password, add anything in the description box. 

Step 5: Choose the IMAP and set the following details.


Username password should be the details of your SBC email account.

Step 6: Choose the outgoing server and set the further information.



Click on the save button to save details and set the details. This is how your email settings should be.