Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

The number of men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED) has grown by 250 percent in the 14 years after fildena 100 was launched in 1998. Men are increasingly realising that they are not alone and that they do have choices. There are surgical, therapeutic, and even do-it-yourself therapies that can restore that loving sensation, in addition to medications like cenforce 100, Levitra, and Cialis. "Some older ED therapies are really being utilised more than ever," says Michael Feloney, MD, a urologist at the Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. Continue reading to learn about nine typical ED treatments, as well as the reality about which ones live up to the hype and which ones don't.

Viagra, Levitra, and Viagra

Viagra, Levitra, and tadalista 20 are the first-line treatments for many of the 30 million men in the United States who suffer from erectile dysfunction, and they are effective in around 80% of cases. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has authorised phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors, which operate by boosting blood flow to an erection. Nasal congestion and headache are common adverse effects. Note You won't be able to use ED tablets if you're taking nitroglycerin for heart disease since they can induce a severe drop in blood pressure.

Penile Injections

Alprostadil is an erectile dysfunction medication that may be injected directly into the penis to cause an instant erection. "For guys who can't take oral medication, penile injection is the most successful kind of ED treatment," says Nelson Bennett, MD, a urologist at the Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Massachusetts. In fact, it has a success rate of 85 percent. A burning feeling and priapism, an erection that lasts more than four hours and requires medical care, are two possible side effects.


"The FDA has authorised this dissolvable pellet that may be placed directly into the urethra, the entrance of the penis, for men who are reluctant or unable to self-inject alprostadil," explains Dr. Feloney. MUSE, which stands for medicated urethral system for erection and means "medicated urethral system for erection," will provide an erection in approximately 10 minutes that can last up to an hour. You can also use vidalista 20 to cure ED. However, using MUSE to treat ED might cause some unpleasant side effects, including as hurting, burning, redness, and small bleeding.

Pump for Vacuum

Can't or don't want to use ED medications? According to Dr. Bennett, the vacuum pump approach is the second most popular choice among men with erectile dysfunction who refuse to take medications. The kamagra oral jelly is the best medicine for ED as per safehealths site. is To achieve an erection, put a plastic cylinder over the penis and push blood to flow into it by pumping the air out of the cylinder. The erection is held in place by an elastic ring that you put onto the base of your penis. For around 75% of men, this ED therapy gadget is successful. Numbness, bruising, and poor ejaculation are among of the side effects, and the ring must be removed after 30 minutes.

Implants Surgical

If traditional erectile dysfunction therapies aren't working for you because of a neurological condition or spinal cord damage, two types of surgical implants may be able to help. “By pumping fluid into cylinders implanted inside the penis, an implantable pump may be used to manually produce an erection,” explains Feloney. “Another alternative is a flexible prosthesis that directs the penis into place for intercourse like a gooseneck light." Infection and mechanical failure are two risks associated with these ED therapies.

Sex Psychotherapy

"When an erection is inhibited by the fear or anxiety of the fight-or-flight reaction, medications such as that increase blood flow to the penis won't help,” explains Feloney. “It's likely that this sort of erectile dysfunction has a lot to do with evolution, because males didn't need an erection when a dinosaur chased them." A combination of ED medication treatment plus sex therapy, individual therapy, or couples counselling from sexual health specialists may be the best approach to address erectile dysfunction caused by performance anxiety, depression, a bad relationship, or stress.

Hormone Therapy for Men

Drug commercials aimed at improving “low T,” or testosterone, the male hormone, are now competing for airtime, although they focus on desire rather than performance. Bennett points out that "male hormone is not an authorised therapy for erectile dysfunction." "It can be used to boost desire in males with low testosterone levels, but it doesn't enhance blood supply to the erection." Low testosterone can be detected by a blood test, although it is a rare cause of ED. Hormone treatment administered by injections, patches, or gels put to the skin may enhance mood and sex desire, but it is unlikely to correct any mechanical problems. Men with prostate cancer should also avoid testosterone medications.

Supplements with herbs

Ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto, and yohimbe have all been promoted as sexual enhancers, and some men have been enticed to try them to cure erectile dysfunction. The kamagra 100 is also used to cure ED. Bennett cautions, however, that none has been authorised by the FDA or demonstrated to prevent, treat, or improve erectile dysfunction in any trustworthy research. Furthermore, supplements are unregulated and might cause a variety of adverse effects or interact with other drugs you're taking. Don't put your health at risk by taking an erectile dysfunction supplement without first consulting your doctor.

The Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in the Future

The next novel therapies for erectile dysfunction will most likely be enhancements to existing ED medications. "A dissolvable variant of Levitra that you place under your tongue is coming," adds Feloney, "and it may work faster than the tablets we have today." Instead of inserting or injecting alprostadil, you may be able to massage it directly on the penis with a novel form. Newer phosphodiesterase inhibitors are being developed that last longer and have fewer adverse effects. Keep an eye out for updates.