Buy Heavy Duty Smartphone after Looking at Ultra-Resistant Standards

People looking to buy a ruggedized phone often come across such terms as durable, shock-resistant, water-resistant, dust, and vibration-proof. Have you ever thought, how can you check the durability factor of the device? Well, we can help you with that.

Here, we provide you with information on the certifications of heavy-duty smartphones that you can check before buying the same.

Let’s start with the useful information.

Check the Certification of Ultra-Resistant Smartphones
Ultra-resistant devices are simply off-road devices that are best used at industrial sites, factories, and manufacturing industries. Such gadgets can easily withstand the impact of exposure to extreme liquid, falls, particles, dust, and more.

The international standard of IEC 60529 is to check the resistance quality of military-grade smartphones and tablets. It classifies IP certification of smartphones that are water-absorbent and dust resistant in nature.

When you think of buying such devices, you can find a reliable company that has this certification and goes through several tests. It helps in classifying the rates and degrees of protection provided by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures.

Dust-Resistant Standards to Look for
There are few standards that you can check while checking the protective quality of heavy- duty notebooks and smartphones.
• IPOX: No protection
• IP1X: Protected against solid objects with 50mm in diameter.
• IP2X: Protected against solid objects with12.5mm in diameter.
• IP3X: Protected against solid objects with2.5mm in diameter.
• IP4X: Protected against solid objects with1mm in diameter.
• IP5X: Protected against dust objects.
•IP6X: Complete protection against dust.

Waterproof certifications to look for.
IPX0: No special protection.
IP1X: Protection against spilled water.
IPX2: Protection against spilled water up to 15 degrees from the normal position.
IP3X: Protection against splashing water.
IP4X: Protection against water in pressure jets.
IP5X: Protection against high-pressure jets.
IP6X: Protection against the effects of immersion at 1mm for 30-min.

There is no doubt in the fact that military-grade smartphones, notebooks, and tablets have offered long-standing operational benefits in industrial areas. As a consumer, you can look for mandatory and protected certifications to make sure laying hands on the best and durable device.