It's more important for grandmas to be right than pretty

Perhaps many people feel that dressing good-looking or not depends largely on appearance and figure. Although beauty is an advantage, it is not the key to a woman's beauty. If we look at the pairings of many ordinary bloggers, we can also see that while they may not have superior looks and may be older, they are elegantly dressed and display a maturity that puts young people to shame.

Let's take a look at how a 60-year-old woman can dress more elegantly. If you don't have any ideas, take inspiration from this collection. To tell the truth, has arrived "grandma generation" 60 years old woman wear right than beautiful more important, autumn try to wear so, temperament on a higher level!

First, with the help of skirt highlight ripe age feeling

Trouser suits are not the only fall item. Skirts can still play an important role in a 60-year-old woman's look, adding a feminine touch to her look.

Of course, when dress will build good temperament with the aid of skirt, we also want to make appropriate choice according to season and age, do not be fashionable and fashionable for vogue, reduce age and reduce age. In fact, some too loud dress, do not play a bonus effect.

After the autumn, it is recommended that the 60 women wear long sleeve or receiving a small of the back of the sleeve design even the garment skirt, with half a high collar design, in addition to the graceful, such a dark small broken flower dress tees is also very diverse, single wear romantic sense, after the temperature cooler, plus vest, knitted cardigan or suit, more than a dress to wear to be very practical.

Generally speaking, a long dress with a dark background is easy to control and unobtruded, not easy to make mistakes. If it is well maintained, then we can also try some bright long-sleeve dresses to show fairer skin.

But the colorful dress is too dramatic, so 60-year-old women should balance it out with a black suit or trench coat, and pair it with black Martens for a sweet, cool look.

Two, highlight feminine with knit

When it comes to summer and autumn, the most indispensable item in a 60-year-old woman's wardrobe is a sweater.

With the dress highlights the elegant and romantic temperament of the 60-year-old woman is different, sweater focuses on showing the gentle and generous side of the 60-year-old woman, and satisfy the pursuit of the mature woman for comfort, how can autumn be lacking?

If you stay slim and slim, knit sweaters can be slim and tight, with v-neck or a line neck design, easily improve head turn, but pants need to be loose.

When a woman reaches the age of 60, she doesn't need to feel anxious because her figure is out of shape. Wrinkles, gray hair and weight gain are all normal. We just need to adjust the single product version according to our figure, so that we can take into account comfort and elegance.

If wear knit sweater, can replace tight with appropriate knit sweater, both comfortable and generous, and will not expose the figure problem.

Three, create fashionable temperament with suits

Women in their 60s need to add a few classic yet stylish pieces to their wardrobe if they don't want to look plain.

As a classic never out of date practical money, suit advantage can be said to be numerous, on the one hand, compared with other autumn foundation, suit version is more crisp and neat, in addition to promote the person wearing gas outside, but also can create a modern and stylish sense of the street.

On the other hand, the suit has a distinct style, so you don't have to worry about the lack of highlights when matching.

Generally speaking, the basic suit based on black and navy blue is the most practical, but it requires the temperament and matching skills of the wearer. If you don't want to work too hard and want to be more western than your peers, then you are recommended to use a suit suit or a suit skirt for a 60-year-old woman.

For example, here with green department antique jacquard suit to make autumn look, cooperate with small area bump color, fashionable feeling instant came out.

Four, with the help of color to promote advanced sense

Dress to see pick paragraph, see collocation, also see color application, compared with the former two, color effect is more intuitive.

1, the same color system

The same color is a very temperamental color scheme in autumn. Because the whole body color is similar or the same, this color combination can also play a role in stretching the longitudinal lines, making a 60-year-old woman look tall and slim.

Besides concise bear look outside, take law with color to be in highlight ripe age woman oneself elegant elegant demeanour also has the advantage very much, not laborious return atmosphere.

2, color system

Color department can give off light throughout the year, such as dark green, pink, brick red or haze blue, small area ornament or used to match the basic color sheet, can promote modeling highlights, and reduce the age of foreign atmosphere.


Women in their 60s who are worried they can't pull off colour can wear it on their lower body or dilute it with stripes or polka dots.Read more at:formaldressau