How to help your child adjust to school

Psychological adaptation

It is the successful psychological adaptation of the child to school that allows the child to actively learn new skills for him, it is she who determines the desire of the first grader to learn.

Psychological adaptation includes several factors. First of all, it is the emotional mood of the parents, their behavior and attitude towards school. Parents should explain to their child all the advantages of studying at school, help them realize the importance of the skills and knowledge that a first grader will receive. It is important to pay attention to the fact that learning is a difficult task, but everyone can cope with difficulties. This approach will form a positive attitude towards school in the child, in addition, he will be ready for the upcoming difficulties. High-quality stationery, a bright, beautiful backpack, a convenient school pencil case , colorful pens and book covers will be another reason to go to school with joy.

It is very important not to put pressure on the child: you should not demand diligent behavior and high marks from him from the first days. At the age of 6-7 years, children are very sensitive to the reaction of their parents to their capabilities. The baby perceives any failures very sharply, which is why grades are not given in the first grade.

It is very important to help your child cope with learning difficulties, including homework. But first, the child must try to cope with the task on his own, only after the failure the parents can offer their help. If you immediately sit down with your child for homework, he will not develop the habit of independent work.

Social adaptation

The first class is a huge number of new people in a child's life; this is a new social role - the role of the student. From how exactly the child places himself in the first days in the team, his position in the class in the future will depend. Therefore, you should not scold children for frequent calls to friends at school, for walking after school, and so on.

If a child is withdrawn and shy, it is difficult for him to make acquaintances. It is possible that the kid will want to take his favorite toy with him to school. Do not forget to explain to him that you can only play during recess.

If the adaptation was successful

How to determine if a child has successfully adapted to school and whether he has adapted at all? It is worth focusing on the following signs:

1. The child likes school, every evening he happily puts the school pencil case, textbooks and notebooks in his knapsack, every morning he gets up with pleasure. The kid copes with the school program quite easily. If a child experiences any difficulties in learning, parents should in no case criticize their son or daughter for being slow, should not compare the child with other children. Support and help is very important.

3. The child is confident in his abilities, and the difficulties that arise do not lead him to despair. He calmly asks for your help, but only after several attempts have been made to cope with the task on his own.

Tips for parents

Parents should remember that getting used to the new status of a student is a lot of stress. Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to the state of health, mood and behavior of the child. In some cases, you may need professional help.

Start preparing for school long before it's time to collect your schoolbag. Gradually, throughout the summer, form a new daily routine for the child, from which you can easily switch to school (get up early, go to bed early, walk for at least 3-4 hours a day).

Parents should remember: Moscow was not built right away, and one should not expect from your child the disclosure of unique abilities in the early days of school. Help the first grader, and then the adaptation to school will be quick and painless.