Roof Garden

Roof Garden What is Roof Garden?

Roof garden Roof garden or green space on the roof is generally a place where green space is applied to the roof (whether the roof, yard or…) and the plant planting bed, at a height above the soil surface on the bed Artificially formed; Such as the floor of the lobby of the building that forms the roof of the parking lot, or the floor of the yard that is formed on the parking lot and it is not possible to plant the plant on the natural soil of the land.

Roof garden can start by placing a few pots on the roof and end with the implementation of gardens and green spaces such as parks. Choosing the type of roof garden design depends on various factors such as building structure, use, climatic features and even your taste!

Modern technology, which is based on green roofs and is implemented on roofs and terraces, is known as Roof Garden and means garden roof or garden on the roof.

Roof Garden is actually the creation of green space on the roof, in order to incorporate nature into urban life and use it. Therefore, any type of green space that is built on the roof is called a roof garden and includes a set of green plants, fountains, pavilions, garden furniture, canopies, agricultural products and other facilities depending on the available area.

Roof gardens are green spaces on the upper levels of residential, industrial and commercial buildings that are used for recreation, play space, shade and shelter, food production, temperature control, architectural improvement and creating a suitable living environment for birds or simply as an area. Green is designed. Such large-scale gardens can affect and improve the climate and environment of the area.

Roof Garden maintenance:

Maintenance of roof garden is one of the most important obstacles to their installation. However, it is important to consider the maintenance schedule during the design process as all roof gardens need maintenance. All commercial buildings with rooftop gardens are required to be inspected twice a year. Further maintenance depends on the customer's desired result, which in the presence of a compact roof garden to quarterly checks or even twice a year in the presence of the widest roof garden, may depend on the customer's desired result.