green space

What is green space?

Landscape is an open vegetation and aquatic environment that usually occurs in the city, buildings and their surroundings.

In fact, because these days, with massive construction and the expansion of cities, people's access to nature in the villages and landscapes around the city has become a little more difficult, it is necessary to create environments in the city or even in people's personal areas called green space that feel nature And to somehow simulate the scenery outside the city for the people.

This space is an environment that is created for the purpose of entertaining and breathing people, beautifying public urban and private residential spaces (in apartments and villas), generally with the aim of people interacting with nature; Creating this type of space in public and private level has many benefits: creating visual beauty, creating peace of mind for individuals and citizens, creating a balance in the metabolism of the city and increasing the quality of life of cities, softening the air and creating air conditioning, temperature adjustment, reducing pollution Air and noise pollution.

But the design and implementation of green spaces in each environment is different. For example, the design and implementation of urban green space is very different from the design and implementation of apartments. From a variety of spaces can be public (such as recreational areas and parks, etc.), semi-public (office space, organizations, training centers, etc.), street (street edges, highways, sidewalks, squares, etc.) and private (home gardens) , Yard, roof garden (roof garden, etc.).

The type of plant species used varies from place to place. Apartment green plants are separate from outdoor plants. Houseplants are mostly shade-loving and need indirect light; But suitable outdoor plants need direct sunlight and are more resistant to climate change (wind and rain).

It is noteworthy that the design and implementation of green space, for better effectiveness and induction of a more desirable feeling, have principles and generalities, which we will describe below.