Text Chemistry Review (2020) – My Honest Opinion

Amy North, the founder of Text Chemistry, is a well-known relationship counsellor. She has a social psychology degree and has worked as a relationship counsellor for many years.

Amy has over 550K YouTube subscribers and hundreds of personal coaching customers, making her a huge success in the dating business.

Text Chemistry in Context

Text Chemistry is a collection of dating resources. The 50,000-word eBook is the package's primary selling point, and it's all about enticing guys via words.

You also receive a video course with 13 videos and three extra ebooks in addition to the textual book:

A primary eBook, a 13-video series, and three supplementary eBooks make up the programme:

The Phone Game: Why Do Men Stop Using Tinder?

The whole package is focused on how to use the written word, or text messages, to attract men.

With Text Chemistry, you'll be able to...

Have particular messages on hand that you can copy and paste into your phone to turn a random man into your lover.

To get off Bumble and get more real-life dates, learn the basics of witty and entertaining messaging.

Have a collection of texts on hand that will pique his interest if he starts to drift away.

Have a list of answers ready to text your man in a variety of circumstances.

Text Formats

Amy teaches the following types of literature throughout the course:

Rocket Messages: These are texts that help a new relationship get off to a good start. Before you were boyfriend and girlfriend, you sent them.

Texts from the Crystal Ball: Texts that assist him in taking the relationship to the next level. Whether it's "officialising" your relationship, moving in together, or proposing.

When a guy becomes aloof or ignores you, send him a satellite text.

Supernova Texts: Texts that make him want to hang out with you for the rest of his life.

Texts that tantalise: Texts that liven things up!

For Whom Is This Product Intended?

Amy's offering isn't for everyone. Let's have a look at who will gain the most from this course.

What Text Chemistry Isn't Good For:

People who have been in a committed relationship for more than six months.

People who are clever, flirtatious, and humorous and who are already good at messaging men. Sorry! The techniques in the book are all geared on helping women attract males.

There is no such thing as a real miracle pill for attracting a guy!

Text Chemistry can help you if you:

You're looking for a mate on dating sites or apps.

You despise texting and find it difficult to keep text exchanges lively.

You've just begun dating a guy and want to keep him intrigued.

You're dealing with a guy who is becoming more aloof.

You're having trouble flirting and being seductive through SMS.

While I don't suggest text chemistry review for women who are currently in a relationship, many of the techniques and messages outlined in the book may be used after the two of you have been "official."