Digital signature certificate Service provider in Gurgaon

What is a Digital Signature Certificate?


Digital Signature Certificate, in common words, is the digital form of the paper certificates we usually get. They can be either for an individual or an organization.

Digital Signature Service Provider works to provide you with a unique algorithm of codes that works as a Digital signature for your organization or an individual. 

Digital Signatures are like manual signatures, done on paper and work as PAN or drivers' licenses. 


Types of Digital Signature Certificates

There are three types of Digital Signature Certificate:

Class 1

Class 1 Digital Signature Certificate, identifies a particular username or mail ID with an individual. With this Digital signature, the user can authenticate the sign for himself but can't use it for signing any business document. 

It is used to confirm the name and email contact details of a user from the clearly defined subject within the database of the certifying authority.

Class 2

They are issued for both Individuals and organizations. It works for Income Tax returns, Company Secretaries. Chartered Accountants, etc. 

It is used in filing documents to the Registrar of Companies, Income Tax Return, MCA forms, audit reports, etc. In Class 2 DSC, a person's identity is verified against a trusted and pre-verified database. 


Class 3


The controller of the Certified Authority issues classes 3 Digital Signature Certificate. It provides the highest level of assurance for e-tendering, e-Procurement, e-bidding, etc. 

Class 3 DSCs are for commercial and personal purposes like electronic data exchange, internet banking, etc. This level of validation is referred to as Extended Validation (EV).

Well, Class 2 DSCs are stopped from the year 2021 by the authorities. It increases the need for class 3 digital signature certificates and makes them compulsory. 


Uses of Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate


Uses of Class 3 certificates are:

  • MCA e-filing

  • Income Tax e-filing

  • e-Tendering

  • GST Application

  • Patent and Trademark

  • LLP registration

  • IE code registration

  • Customs e-filing

  • e-Bidding 

  • e-Procurement 

  • e-Auction

How to Buy Class 3 DSC from Digital signature service provider in Gurgaon

There are many Digital signature service providers in Gurgaon. DSC experts are providing Digital signature services online. 




DSCexperts are a Digital Signature Certificate provider, who provide security throughout the process at a very reasonable price. 

Digital signature service provider in Gurgaon, DSCexperts, asks for a step by step verification before issuing any Digital Signature services. 


First, the Digital signature service provider asks for your aadhaar card, Pan card, mobile number, and mail id for verification.