How Do I Know If My Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned?

It’s not always the outdoors you need to be cautious when it comes to breathing in polluted air, indoors can be as much as polluted as outdoors. Indoor air can be polluted with smoke, lead, cigarette, dander, radon, asbestos, nitrogen dioxide, and biological pollutants. But fortunately, hiring a service for air duct cleaning in Roseville can help improve indoor air quality. Dirty air ducts impact indoor air quality. If air ducts are dirty and clogged, they will lower the air quality inside your home. 

Apart from respiratory problems, dirty air ducts can cause your energy bills to rise higher and cause your HVAC to work harder. The dirtier the air ducts are, the poorer the indoor air quality will be. But how do you know if my air ducts need to be cleaned?                                   

Keep reading to know the important signs that tell you to need to get air ducts cleaned: 

You witness dust all-around your home every time

No matter how much you clean your home, you see dust all around after one day of cleaning. 

It could be due to dust that is settled inside your air ducts. For a cleaner and dust-free home, call air duct cleaning in Sacramento to remove dust problems in your home. 

Your air filter gets dirty quickly

Are your air filters getting dirtier so fast? Do you need to change your air filters more frequently? If yes, this is a sign that you need to have your air ducts cleaned by a professional. Because dirty air ducts cause your air filter to become dirty quicker than clean air ducts.

A musty odor is spread throughout your home 

A musty smell is a sign of a problem.  And there are very high chances that this smell can be emanating from your air ducts. Mold growth can happen inside the air ducts and release a musty smell throughout your home. Mold and mildew growth has many negative effects on human health. These can lead to respiratory problems in older people and children.

Call professionals to inspect your ducts at least every 2 years for checking of your air ducts. 

Respiratory issues 

Dirty air ducts can hurt the health of your family. Allergies, asthma, sinus, respiratory problems are health problems that can be caused by dirty air ducts. When HVAC operates, the dust accumulated in the air ducts keeps on circulating throughout your home. Dirt, debris, dander, and other pollutants get spread in your indoor air quality due to this phenomenon. 

Soaring electricity bills 

Are you noticing unusual changes in your electricity bills over the last few months? If your electricity bills are going up usually high, you don’t fathom the reason. It could be due to dirty and unmaintained air ducts. HVAC with dirty air ducts tends to consume more energy it requires than a well-performing and maintained HVAC system. So, contact experienced air duct cleaning in Davis and ask them to visit your home to check if you need air duct cleaning or not.