The It Support Managed Service provider is primarily responsible for the infrastructure and software setup. As the user is not expert in this field and therefore he has less control over these components set up. This is how the software as service model works . This is the task of the It Support And Maintenance Service provider of managing software and its deployment to third-party services, but it may happen that the security Is breached because of the ignorance of the user and sometimes it becomes difficult to delineate the boundaries of accountability for security. So the responsibility lies on the security provider as well as user. And so both of them must work together and are responsible for various aspects of security.

Network and security management :-

Adopting managed services is an efficient way to stay up-to-date on technology, have access to skills ,and also address issues related to cost, quality of service ,and risk. It is a well-known fact that I.T. infrastructure is the centre point for all the businesses to run smoothly. Any break up in the network and server costs money,damages productivity. So It Support Managed Service by Wasatch I.T at St. George are reliable and would look into software for production support and system maintenance, helps in data backup and recovery, data storage and management, network monitoring. It Support Managed Services at St. George is also useful in creating disaster recovery plan.

Network design and installation:-

The It Support Managed Service provider designs, builds and re-configure the network to provide your business with Best state of art network. The job includes business network designing to data cabling and PC set up to server and router configuration. The user can relax knowing that the IT infrastructure is secure, reliable and efficient with the help and guidance of IT service provider. Distribution network must meet service goals at the lowest possible cost so constant monitoring of network and reporting its performance helps the proactive IT service providers to anticipate the problem before they cause severe breakdowns. The IT service provider should be updated with all the business requirements, its goals and budgets so as to enable him to have best use of technology to make business prosper.

Deployment and migration services:-

Data migration is the process of moving data from one location to another, one format to another or one application to another. It involves a change in storage and database or application. Data migration is the process of selecting, preparing, extracting and transforming data and permanently transferring it from one computer storage system to another. With proper planning by all the concerned IT staff, the migration can be relatively smooth and looking at the complexity and sensitivity of the data involved it would be the wisest decision to take the expert help of a migration service provider who is authorised and has all the approvals. His job is to ensure that there is no aspect that is overlooked and both sides and all the concerned staff and team members are fully aware of the steps to be taken to protect the security of the data in transition by using proper internal communication and training. It is better to undergo the whole process with the assistance of professional as rushing a poorly planned data migration can result in more problems resulting in additional task and lost time.

Remediation and repair services :-

The main job of the IT service provider is to keep all the hardware and software running in excellent condition and repair and solve the problem within a minimum time to reduce the loss of time and money. The user should conduct a review of all the devices on his network and know different access points which one are in need of security update. The service provider identifies ,troubleshoots and resolve problems and issues in a faulty computer using different techniques and procedures and replacing the worn out parts if needed in hardware and also going through software programs. The service provider takes care of the computers physical components such as its key board, hard drives and internal CD or DVD devices, cleaning the computer, keeping it free from dust and following computer hardware maintenance program. If the provider is vigilant then the user will face minimum disturbance with his network. The provider will swiftly resolve the issue by going to the site of the troubled location and remove the problem so that it does not re-occur again.

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