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One of the common questions concerning eyelash extensions is whether they can damage natural lashes. The answer is yes if you choose the wrong length. This is why understanding the correct length for your eyelash extension is important. Besides, the right length is also crucial for your lash extensions to complement the natural look of your best eyebrow threading dubai  and forehead. Here are 3 key tips that can help you choose the correct lash extension for you. 

General Lash Length Guide 

Usually, lash Lengths fall within the ranges of Short, Medium, Long, and Very Long.

    • 8-9: Short (Very Natural, typically suitable for inner corner lengths)
    • 10 – 12: Medium (Natural Mascara Look)
    • 13 – 14: Long (Long for a more bold look)
    • 15 and Above: Very Long (Dramatic)

Understand What You Want 

The first thing you need to do to choose the right lash extension length is to understand the type you’re looking for. If you have an inspiration or a picture of how you want your lash extension to look, show it to your artists and get suggestions. 

Generally, when the lash extensions are long, they create a lot of space in between making it look sparser. When you keep the length short, the gaps reduce, making the extensions look fuller and fluffier.

While this is a common rule that many are urged to follow when getting lash extensions, remember that lash lengths will also depend on the shape of your eyes. For example, if you have a more deep-set eye, then you might have to go for longer lengths than a person with prominent eyes to get the same natural look. Only when the lashes go the further distance from the root to the surface will really begin to show for a person with deep eyes. 


 Follow The 3mm Rule 

Another great tip for choosing the right length for your lash extensions is to follow the 3mm rule. Long lash extensions can cause permanent damages to the hair follicles resulting in shorter and weaker natural lashes. When prolonged or repeated, lash extensions that are too long can even kill the follicles entirely. 

The 3mm rule is a standard that focuses on protecting your natural lash. This is where you should never get a lash extension length that is 3mm longer than the length of your natural lash. Failing to follow these standards can increase the risk of your natural lashes being damaging and can even affect the aesthetic appearance of your face when. 

One Length Does Not Fit All

Never decide on your lash length based on other people’s preferred lengths. Not everyone has the same type of natural lashes, and the extension length that is healthy for you will depend on what type of natural lashes you have. For example, if you have thin and fine natural lashes, then you can’t get the same lashes as a person with thick and coarse natural lashes. This would make the lash extension too long or heavy for you, causing long-term damages. This can also prevent your lash follicles from producing healthy lashes.

So make sure to consider your natural lash type before deciding the length of the eyelash salon near me you need. Your lash artist can help you customise a healthy length for your natural lash and one that brings out the results you’re looking for.