Top 5 Best OTT Platforms Providers of 2021

The way we assume the video is sustaining huge disruption. Wireless services are abandoning the usual cable. At the same time, 235million US peoples are now consuming digital video. The technology following these digital media services is OTT platforms.

Some popular services that use OTT technology are:


Amazon Prime Video


Apple TV+

Disney Plus


iTunes, etc.

Televiewers only want a streaming media device like Smart TVs, or gaming comfort to watch their content.

Best OTT Platforms Providers

An OTT(over-the-top) platform is a service that allows you to bring video and live stream feeds to any device. This enables you to bring and monetize video content directly to viewers without any third-party platform.

Video on demand live streaming services is the most popular platforms. However, they also offer other services like messaging services, audio streaming, VoIP, and more.

In this blog, I have analyzed the best VOD platforms to monetize your video content based on features website capabilities,security and more. First, let’s dive into a list of OTT platforms.

Webnexs offers both OTT, VoD, and live streaming solutions across various platforms and mobile devices. They have a wide range of monetization tools. This is appealing to companies that set out to make money on their video content with ads, subscriptions, or pay-per-view models.

Highlighted Features

  • Video content management
  • Stream Live, Linear, and On-Demand Content
  • Control a wide-ranging set of tools, APIs, along SDKs
  • CDN(Content Delivery Network)
  • Live monitoring
  • Transcoding
  • DRM(Digital Right Management)


  • Video security
  • customizable labels
  • custom registration fields
  • Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)

Brightcove is scalable OTT video on demand solution especially for publishers, digital marketers, and enterprise users. The suite of video solutions is outlined mainly for brands to give video streams the best way possible and produce revenue with your video streams on different devices and platforms.

Highlighted Features:

Live Video Streaming

Video monetization

Analytic Reports

High-end Security

Social Media Integration


  • IP restriction
  • URL tokenization
  • SSO

Muvi is the complete end-to-end video on demand solution that is effortless to use considering the technical elements of setting up your VOD website from handling the infrastructure to set up payment integrations.

Highlighted Features:

Video CMS

CDN Video Delivery

Video Hosting

Online Video Player

Video Transcoding


  • Compliance and adaptation network security
  • IP-based restrictions
  • live interaction protocol.

Uscreen is an Video Streaming Solution platform that allows content creators to deliver the content safely and profitably. It is a huge SaaS solution offering video creators to complete control over the revenue generated. It also allows selling single videos and setting up subscription plans to make revenue as well.

Highlighted Features:

Scheduled Content Delivery

Video Progress Tracking

Customizable Themes

SEO Friendly


  • Manage to control on corporate factors like user ID, domain, geo-location, IP, etc.,
  • Secure content in storage.
  • Granular entitlement management.

It is one of the leading video on demand platform that streamlines the task of high-definition videos to screens of various size. Xfinity permits media houses and enterprises to turn their VOD assets into task of y-churning assets.

Highlighted Features:

Xfinity Voice Remote

Optional registration

Live broadcast and cable networks

Cloud DVR On Demand

Sports Zone apps

  • password-protected login


  • Optional registration
  • password-protected login