What are the Shipping Offers of Kencko Reviews ?

What Is Kencko ?

Kencko smoothies is the first company (and still one of the few!) to offer healthy and delicious instant smoothies subscription. In fact, kencko prides itself as being “real nourishment for busy people.” Each box of kencko smoothies come with this promise: “add organic fruits and veggies to your daily routine in under one minute. No added sugars or sweeteners. All the vitamins and fiber.”

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How Does Kencko Work ?

the answer: simple.

To get started, pick a plan that works for you (see below). If this is your first order, you’ll also received a FREE shaker bottle!

Once your box arrives, choose a smoothie packet. Add in your choice of liquid , then shake for 30-60 seconds!

optional: when you subscribe to kencko discription, you also have access to their in-house dietitians.

How Does Kencko Smoothies Cost ?

As I’ve mentioned in my previous review, kencko offers flexible monthly plans. As a subscriber, you have the option to cancel after one box or let it run on a monthly recurring subscription. Kencko will notify you before your subscription renews, so you have time to make changes (mix up smoothie flavors, change the delivery date, or stop your subscription) before your next refill shipment.

With any kencko subscription, you have the option to choose the exact flavours you want, or if you like surprises, you can let the kencko team choose the flavors to go in your box!

Kencko Review

if you head on over to kencko’s website, you may notice that the brand places great emphasis on nutritional research . So it comes as no surprise that with each of kencko’s flavor variety, comes also massive research of how your body benefits from that exact blend.

The chart below summarizes the 18 different flavor varieties that kencko currently offers (including 3 of the limited edition flavors), and the main benefit of the blend. For example, my favorite flavor (purples) is shown to be anti-inflammatory, whereas my husband’s favorite flavor (mocha) touts mental focus benefits.

Final Thoughts

I ordered my first kencko 7-smoothie box in September 2020 (back when that was available). Flash forward 4 months later, I’m on their 60-smoothie plan. Personally, that says something. If you know me in real life, you’d know that: 1) I’m not a frivolous spender, 2) I believe in quality quantity.

Personally, my kencko experience for the last 4 months has been incredibly positive. While it’s true that I can certainly make my own smoothies with similar ingredients, I’ve really appreciated how convenient kencko smoothies are. After all, 60 seconds of pour and shake is hands down easier than having to blend it on my own (though there’s nothing wrong with that!).

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