How to Use Sandbags During Floods

Flooding is one of the most common disasters, causing large-scale destruction and damage. If your area is particularly prone to floods, it’s important to be properly prepared for challenging or life-threatening situations. One specific approach is using heavy duty sandbags for protection during floods. 

What is Sandbagging?

Sandbagging is a flood prevention technique using sandbags to create a barrier against rising water levels, preventing water from flooding specific spaces like homes or businesses. Sandbagging can be done with the help of traditional heavy duty sandbags. However, there are also other products that you can use, such as security plastic bags and self-inflating bags.

Steps to Use Heavy Duty Sandbags

 Clean debris and sand from the areas that you want to protect. Make sure the ground is even and level. Don’t build on uneven or loose ground.

•  Fill the plastic bag with sand. You can use any security plastic bag or heavy duty plastic bag. Avoid overfilling the bag, as it can be difficult to carry around. Make sure to tie the sandbags securely while leaving some room at the top, so the sand can easily move around.

•  Place the sandbag on the ground, keeping the bag flap away from the direction of floodwater. Lay the bag parallel to the water flow, and stack the bags over each other to build a wall of your desired height and length.

•  Building a wall in a pyramid shape can be very effective. A pyramid shape ensures the base of the wall is strong.

•  You can also seal the sandbags with a plastic sheet for further protection by placing the sheet loosely around the wall, usually from top to bottom. This will help protect the wall and prevent it from falling. An additional row of sandbags on top of the wall can help keep the plastic sheet weighed in place.

Why Use Sandbags?

Sandbags are inexpensive and very easy to use. Most importantly, they are very effective in diverting rising floodwater. Because of their affordability and ease of use, anyone can use them as a preventative measure against flooding. 

Heavy duty sandbags, in particular, are very effective in protecting homes, businesses, and important spaces from floodwater. This is especially true for coastal areas or locations prone to natural floods. Sandbags can offer effective and affordable protection. All you need is a sandbag, shovel, and sand.

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