The Fit And Comfort of The Collar

When it comes to BDSM, knowing the right thing to use is very important. For those who have purchased a necklace or collar online as a result of how beautiful the collar seems to look in pictures, I am sure you definitely do not want that to happen again. Before you buy a BDSM collar for either yourself or your partner, there are certain things to consider, and these includes:

Finding The Right Collar

Ensure to check the sizing guide and then measure your neck to see if it fits. For a submissive that prefers a freer collar, it is advisable to go for a large size, but if they prefer one that sticks closely to the neck, then they can select the one with their neck measurement.

     Be careful of allergies to the materials available and skin sensitivity. If they can break away from the hives while putting it on, then it is not the right choice.

     Select adjustable collars. This helps when one gains more weight or loses weight, the collar still fits.

     Put them on before playtime or wear them on a regular basis, and hear out the opinion of a submissive.

Choose Your Preferred Style

It is important to listen to the submissive partner since they will be the ones putting it on. Although a dominant might have a preference as to what to select, they should discuss what's best for both of them.

     There are several styles for all sex toys, such as a pink fox tail butt plug for anal penetration. An anklet, necklace, ring, or bracelet can be used as a collar without being questioned.

     Black leather types might be much preferable for others, while others prefer bright colored collars.

     Also you can try an infinity collar, as they are not easily removable. They are very elegant and beautiful, as they show commitment between submissive and dominant.

The collars selected for your D/s relationship and BDSM scenes require you to feel wonderful, be great, work properly, and you should be proud to wear them. Therefore, there is no particular right collar for each individual. Take enough time to do your research and buy a BDSM collar that suits you best.

How Will You Use Your Collar?

The same way butt plugs mean a lot to people who experiment with a bit of anthropomorphic fun, such as using a pink fox tail butt plug, is the same way a collar means a lot to D/s folks. So, understanding what each collar symbolizes is quite important.

     Play collars are mostly used when engaging in kinky scenes. This can be in a BDSM dungeon or in the comfort of your home. They are connected with rings and hooks and are made of quality materials such as leather.

     Collar of consideration are not mostly used by D/s couples, as it can be the same as a regular day collar. These collars would always be worn, until there is an agreement between both parties to end their relationship or take it to the next level.

     Training collars are not quite as popular when compared to others, but they can be used for a series of sexual activities such as posture training, slave position, and many more. You can buy a BDSM collar meant for such activities.

     Day collars are generally worn on a regular basis, as it is a way of maintaining a D/s dynamic even when at various places.

Do's And Don'ts Of Collar Usage

Here is a list of things to do and not to do with BDSM collars.

     Ensure that the collar is absolutely free and comfortable.

     Make sure that two to three can go under the collar. If you find it difficult to do that, then the collar is too small.

     Do ensure that you feel comfortable when sleeping in your collar. Be sure there are no restrictions and that it can't get hold of something that can harm you.

     Don't pull sharply on a leash, the same way you would not pull out a pink fox tail butt plug, as it may result in spine damage.

     Do not attach your collar to any form of suspension rig as a means of suspending a submissive, it might result in strangulation of the submissive.

     Do not wear a leather collar in the bathroom, as it can cause skin infection and at the same time ruin the collar.


Taking proper care of your BDSM collar is of utmost importance, as it is what triggers that pleasurable feeling from within.