7 Things To Keep In Mind When Shopping For Wedding Gifts

There’s nothing quite like the dreamy and dazzling atmosphere that envelopes a wedding celebration. When you’re invited to witness the beautiful union of a couple, you’d want to present your best self so as not to ruin the vibe. Along with it, you’d also want to make sure you’d give them the right wedding gift. Today, giving Personalized wedding gifts is common because they are a touching way of celebrating the couple’s marriage. But to further help you out, we’ve gathered seven things to keep in mind when shopping for wedding presents.

The couple’s wishes matter. Couples set aside time to build their gift registry. The items indicated there are the very things that they’d wish they’d receive from guests. So as not to burden yourself with thinking about which gift to buy, many experts advise sticking to the registry.

Consider your relationship with them. Giving wedding presents can be tricky. But one of the main factors that you need to consider is the kind of relationship that you share with the couple. If you’re an acquaintance, it’s generally acceptable to choose items from the registry that are on the less expensive side.

Set aside a budget for the gift. Keep in mind that gifts are not the only item in your expenses for the couple’s wedding day. While there are many reasonably priced personalized wedding gifts in the market, you still need to strategize how you’d use your budget, especially if what you’re attending is a destination wedding. Even if you have to shell out more, this shouldn’t be an excuse that you have to sacrifice the quality of your wedding gift.

Consider partnering with other guests. If there’s a pricey item on the wish list and you know that there are other guests who might want to pool funds and give a group wedding, you should take advantage of this opportunity. Group weddings work well for attendees who belong to the same cliques (e.g. Colleagues, best friends from high school).

Customize, customize, customize. There’s a reason why personalized wedding gifts are popular. They can add a more personal touch to the present that you’ll be giving. For instance, if the registry indicates that the couple wants a winery set, you can go the extra mile by ordering one that’s customized for them.

Slip a handwritten congratulatory note. Thoughtfully bought and ordered wedding gifts can be even more special if they contain a little surprise in the form of a congratulatory note or letter that you wrote by hand. Especially if you’re particularly close to the couple, sending a handwritten message from the heart is an act that they’ll surely appreciate — and remember for the years to come.

Know that the sooner you give your present, the better. After picking your gift, the question now is: When should the gift be sent? In some cultures, wedding gifts are brought along during the ceremony or party. In many places, it’s a consensus to deliver the gift to the couple’s home before the wedding day to avoid getting lost during the rather busy occasion. You can also send it a month after the wedding or even a year, depending on your specific situation.