Netgear AC1200 Router with its tremendous features

Netgear router setup AC1200 is a Dual Band router with a Wi-Fi speed of 300 Mbps over 2.4 GHz wireless band and 867 Mbps over 5 GHz wireless frequency band. It also supports the 802.11ac standard so that you can enjoy smooth online gaming and video streaming with any device you have. The dual-band WIFI speed over 1200 Mbps is enough to provide you with an ultimate Range. It has 3 External Antennas, which give you Expandable Wireless Coverage. Its multiple antennas form a signal-boosting array of your house to cover the entire direction and large areas. 


Netgear router login with AC1200 Router has a beam forming technology that delivers a highly efficient wireless connection. It is also supported by Version 2.0 and even above. Its 1 USB Port can support storage and file sharing facilities with Gigabit Ethernet Ports. The Lightning-Fast wired connections of the Netgear router setup uses four Gigabit Ethernet Port. Simple management and configuration are possible with the Netgear Genie app available on Android and iOS devices. 


Netgear router login to your AC1200 Router


Power off your existing modem connected to the power outlet. To do it, remove the power cord connected at its back. Some modems use backup batteries. Check the back battery compartment of your modem. If it has a backup battery, then remove the batteries as well. Take the Ethernet cable and connect one of the available internet ports of your Wi-Fi router. The Ethernet cable coming from the router will go into the internet or the WAN port of your modem.


  • Connect the power cable back to the modem and router as well. Turn the power. Then wait for two minutes till the router and the modem gets ready to connect.

  • Turn on the router and the modem. And then, connect a computer or the PC to the Local area network port on your router. Use a separate Ethernet cable to connect them.

  • While you connect and turn on the computer, make sure it should not associate with any other wireless network.

  • Now you can run a web browser to get the login page of your Netgear AC12OO Router.

  • In the address bar or search bar of the web browser, enter the web address as the default and custom web address of your Netgear router setup AC12OO Router.

  • can directly take you to the default web interface of your Netgear router. For this, you need a wireless password and username of your router.

  • The wireless password and the user name of your Netgear router login page are available on the label.

  • The default wireless name is NETGEAR_2.4GHz_XXXXXX and NETGEAR_5GHz_XXXXXX.

  • The last six letters behind these WIFI frequency bands can be anything according to your Netgear AC12OO Router.

  • Enter the default web link in the address bar of the browser. You will get the login window.

  • In the login window, you need to enter admin as the username and password field in the form of login credentials.

  • On the login page, click to "Quick Setup" from the status bar at the top left panel of the status bar.

  • Now, you need to allow your router to configure Dynamic IP for the cable modem connections and connections behind all-in-one modem routers.


If your ISP has provided you with a specified IP parameter, configure the static IP. You need to configure the PPPoE connections manually with a username and password provided by your internet service provider. You need to configure one out of these three options. Now you are all done and good to go.


Firmware update for the Netgear router login AC1200  


  1. Go to the Netgear router setup or its official website to update the firmware of your Wi-Fi router.

  2. The official website contains all firmware versions according to the model of your router.

  3. Type the model number of your Netgear AC1200 Router and get the latest firmware file. 

  4. Tap the download button and get the firmware file into your device. Unzip the file as it is in zipped form.

  5. Save the extracted file in any safe folder of your computer the devices connected to the Netgear router login page.

  6. Go to the settings section, click the Administration section under the Maintenance section. And then hit Firmware update.

  7. Or go to AdvancedSystem ToolsFirmware Update. 

  8. Go to the devices information section.

  9. Confirm the version of the downloaded firmware file matches with the hardware version of your Netgear router login page.

  10. On the manual upgrade section, hit Browse to locate and upload the downloaded firmware file from the saved location of your computer. 


Wait for a few minutes and let the router reboot. As it starts again, the firmware update process finishes. After the firmware update, your Netgear router will restart. You have to login back into your router to check its functioning. If you get any errors, call our support team. You can contact us through the given toll-free number on this page.