Sex Toys: How To Clean Them Safely So You Can Use Them

For all that have Adult Toys, cleaning your toys is a must! Here are some basic cleaning steps that you should follow for your own personal health along with your partner or partners.

Most of the most popular sex toys are made from a silicone based, medical silicone based, rubber, latex and realistic type of material (example- CyberskinTM). If you have any of these material type toys, NEVER use a silicone based lube. If you use a silicone based lube it could break down the material and damage your toys, in turn could cause you to have an infection or cause physical harm while using. The silicone based lubes are mainly made for glass, metal, or straight one on one human contact. This type of lube is a much thicker based lube than water based.

When cleaning your silicone toys, your cleaner can be from good old fashion anti-bacterial soap and water to over the counter toy cleaner. If you use soap and water, use warm water, never hot, and you need make sure you rinse your toy very thorough, not to leave any type of residue. Soap residue could cause internal skin irritations and possible infections. It is recommended to pat dry and you may want to leave out air dry, just to make sure it is dry. When you purchase over the counter toy cleaner you may want to consider a cleaner with Nonoxynol-9 or Anti-Bacterial ingredients. Always, do a Test

Patch on your skin prior to any type of sex toy cleanser, usually on your wrist or leg, to make sure you will not have an allergic reaction!! Remember to read each cleanser direction on how to use, some products you may need to dilute prior to use!!!

If you have plastic, glass or acrylic- these great little toys can also use soap and water, sex toy cleaner or you can boil them, or even toss them in a dishwasher if you would like- as long as they are not battery operated.

Remember to remove all batteries prior to cleaning and storage of the toy. You should wrap each toy separately in a soft lint free cloth or towel, and store in a cool place, such as a drawer. Now a day - you can purchase a faux storage pillow. This new little throw pillow has a secret hiding place inside the pillow with a separate zipper for your toys. No one will be the wiser, if you toss this on your bed.

Remember if you have multiple toys and/or multiple partners- Never let your toys touch each other, this could cause cross contamination. Wash them in between each use and partner. You may even want to think about using a condom between your ACTIONS to help lower infections, also extents the life of your toy.

After these few tips, I am sure you and your partner will have a wonderful and safe time trying out your little toys!