Why is my Xfinity Router Blinking Green and Orange Light?

When a router flashes light, it usually means that the router is having certain issues. The problems are solvable most of the times. You should definitely not ignore any hints. Whenever you see a light flashing through the router, perform the necessary steps in order to troubleshoot them. Some of the common Errors are the Xfinity blinking orange light . Some of the common reasons for the router's flashing orange light could be a damaged or malfunctioning splitter, service outage, defective router or modem, poor signal quality from the wireless router, interference from other wireless devices’ frequencies, physical obstruction, mismatched adapter settings, and power outage. On the other hand, a green flash means that you are having trouble connecting to the Internet. 

Troubleshooting Steps for router blinking orange:

Step 1

Rebooting the router should be your number one solution.

Step 2

You can also try a factory reset. This fixes any problem in almost all cases.

Step 3

A damaged or malfunctioning splitter could be the reason for the problem. So, check this by connecting the internet cable directly to the router.

Step 4

Cleaning around it or moving the router may unintentionally disconnect a cable. So, try fixing the cable and checking if the connection is loose.

Step 5

Use your phone and the Xfinity App to check if there are service outages.

Step 6

When the service outage problem is fixed, the light stops blinking and your question how to reboot xfinity router is answered. 

Step 7

Always keep in mind that the position of the router is highly significant.

Step 8

Try putting the router in a higher area.

Step 9

Also, if you are trying to connect from outside, your connection might get disrupted.

Step 10

You must take very good care of anything you buy and invest in whatever it may cost. Take good care of the router and check for any dust on it. It is very important to keep it clean. It is important to keep it clean because dust particles get piled up on the machine. And this weakens connectivity.

Troubleshooting Steps for router blinking green

Step 1

You can easily solve this problem if you disconnect and reconnect your devices.

Step 2

Also make sure to check for loose cable connections. 

Step 3

Do check for power outages as well.


In order to solve these blinking light issues, do not take them very seriously and also don’t let it be for a long time. Perform the troubleshooting steps as soon as possible and fix the issue instantly by also setting the Xfinity router default password . You can also contact the customer support team and ask for their assistance as they have the required experience that is needed.