Communication Tips for Heart Healthy Relationships

No matter how old we are, the heart goes on forever. It is well known that a healthy diet, exercise and mood really determine a healthy heart. But knowing how to give and receive love and gratitude can still be the best medicine for the heart. As healthy relationships are essential to our better quality of life, as Life Coach, relationships often come naturally to whatever life changes my clients try to make. .


Relationships are an integral part of our soul, psychic world and affect all aspects of our humanity. For better or worse - how His Secret Obsession plays out in our lives and our physical, mental and spiritual health is our destiny. And no, if we're not happy with our relationship, it's not the other person you need to change - there 's no reason to blame for a healthy relationship - it's us. Often in the middle of the year we finally know that having a healthy relationship depends on us and no one else. Once the client agrees, the real work can begin. In a holistic approach, here are some ways to avoid problems or revitalize relationships that I find beneficial for myself and my clients.


  1. Be generous with your gratitude.

How often do you feel or appreciate? What is the significance of gratitude? Studies show that appreciation for others and ourselves is closely linked to happiness and health. I know people who quit their jobs because they did not feel valued for their involvement in the workplace. I have seen the opposite. When people are recognized for their efforts, they feel more rewarded and often out of duty. Try it and see the magic for you. Gratitude changes people. In the family, gratitude can alleviate or prevent problems. Start by appreciating your loved ones for things you did not even think they would appreciate! All the things you take for granted, such as “Thank you for living abroad so we can pay our monthly bills. Thank you for juggling your day to take care of our family. Thank you for being a wonderful baby. your room? Thank you for mentioning this issue so that we can take care of it with His Secret Obsession book. Thank you for the good food you provided "... You understand the idea. Make it a habit. Involve the whole family. This may sound strange at first, but after a while the energy in your home will change and the problem will disappear .It works well in the workplace.Good job when ... It made me smile when ... I know you've been working hard lately and ... see the rise of company behavior!


Another interesting case, if you need something from someone else, you have to give it first. So if you want to have more gratitude in your life, start doing it and see that your wishes come true!


2. State your purpose or the purpose behind the relationship.


According to James Bauer the author of His Secret Obsession, a lifestyle management professor and author of Life By Design, says that every time we talk to each other, there is always a purpose behind the relationship. The most effective way to communicate is to inform people first about your goals or (positive) intentions to avoid misunderstandings. Without the desired intention, security is easily jeopardized. Often people need to know where we come from before we can truly forgive and listen. For example, you could say, "I love you and I really need to explain what happened last night." It expresses the original intention and has a loving and positive voice. Imagine the disagreement when the person said, "I'm upset about what happened that night and I think we need to talk about it." The intention is vague and immediately causes the other person to install a security wall! Always state your intentions first.