Global Astrological Predictions for 2022

Things will be rather calm in the first half of the year, but things will change in the second part of the year, with Mars causing difficulty once again.

Crisis and conflict are represented by Mars, and on top of that, Jupiter will be moving from Pisces into Aries, making the situation much worse.
Ultimately, though, it is the presence of sluggish Uranus in Taurus that has me most concerned about the future.
Uranus is now in a retrograde motion that will last until 2026. Fromfor more infoto 2021, there were a lot of conflicts, and the year 2022 is the year when this constellation reaches its peak.
The last time this constellation appeared was in 1938 when World War II started, and the time before that was during the Crimean War, which lasted from 1853 to 1856.
When Jupiter enters the sign of Aries at the beginning of summer, there will be a rash of environmental disasters, including fires, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.