Mars Uranus in hard aspects foretells fatal death

It is possible to avoid freak accidents involving the head and spine! Many people are born with the Mars-Uranus conjunction in an unfavorable aspect (natal aspect) or are now transiting through it. A precise depiction of the data
Initially, we noted Princess Diana, Sonny Bono, and JFK Jr.'s vulnerability to bizarre head and spine injuries when we first wrote about an unfavourable natal Mars-Uranus symbiotic. Sonny Bono and JFK Jr. died a few years later, and she passed away a month later. Sadly, they all perished as a result of their own carelessness and recklessness.
Those born with this trait, such as Prince Charles, must continually be on the lookout for air and automobile mishaps. This was also common among astronauts, as we discovered. Although many individuals may be born with this configuration, it all relies on when this configuration is activated, by which planet, and whether or not these people take action to avert the risk..
There is no guarantee that a Mars-Uranus aspect will lead to a stray bullet, but they are more susceptible to freak accidents, a stroke, a sudden outburst of temper (which may be related to the spine), inventive ideas (mainly because their actions are erratic and unconventional), and erratic behavior. They must also avoid taking needless risks and be extremely cautious when participating in dangerous activities.

During this piece, we'll look at both the tendency and the time of a transiting Mars-Uranus conjunction. As long as a transiting planet is near at hand, this accident formation is usually inactive. It's possible that you were not born with this characteristic, but if you are, it will pass through your life at some point.
Obviously, if you're born with it, the risk is significantly greater because any planet may potentially set it off. Transiting planets like Mars, Saturn, or Uranus may only set off your natal Uranus if it was already there when you were born. ruled by Mars. It is a symbol of physical danger since it depicts sharp things, rapid movement, reckless and impulsive behavior, and so on.
What planet is it "touching" off of in your horoscope is also important.