Ancestral roots

Had the night that Blackie died and depicts Blackie’s transition from this world to the next. dailyinsurancestudy Website daily insurance study 

Gary works with themes, enduring concepts that have universal significance, such as romantic desire, guilt, and grief. “I may do 15 drawings to understand 

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a theme,” he explains. “The goal of each painting, and every exhibition, is that I have a theme I want to develop and convey that theme through a particular 


body of work.”

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Recently, Gary has been exploring his own family history — going through his childhood home and rediscovering his earliest drawings and other works of 


art. He’s long been working on a documentary about his ancestral roots in Eastern Europe — a place his parents warned him never to visit — a process that Website aware fitness fitnesschoice Website fitness choice

is both painful and redemptive.