How Long Does Passion Twist Take??

How Long Does Passion Twist Take??


When it comes to protective styles: Braids, twists, and Locs remain the best for some ladies. Undoubtedly, questions may keep flowing in on which one to go for the first, but that’s not why we are here too. I want to talk to you about the age-old question: how long do passion twists last on hair?


Like most long-term protective hairstyles, Passion Twists can last anywhere between 2-4 weeks depending on the overall hair care routine, firmness during installation, the technique, style length, and quality of hair used.


While there are tones of factors that may affect How Long Passion Twists Last indirectly, the ones mentioned below are the most common and main factors that affect durability.



Passion Twists on Hair Will Remain:


1. Routine:


Its’ a very low maintenance style for sure, but you have to be very conscious of every move you make because little thing matters more. Some hair products you use can add weight to your hair after a few days of repeated maintenance; that’s when you wash the hair.


2. Hairstyle Length:


Most people will say this is a very light style, but everybody’s ability and resistance aren’t the same. Long Passion Twists styles are gorgeous and lovely, but it doesn’t last long compared to the shorter ones. Too bad!!!

Long styles are relatively too challenging to sleep with at night, and I guess you know what it means; you might end up making it tangled and unruly beyond fix when you wake up.

In summary, smaller or shorter twists last longer while providing both volume and fullness.


3. Quality:


Passion twists braiding hair extensions are wavy and soft, so they unravel quickly.


4. Installation Practices:


If you install the Passion Twist too tight, you end up getting ropes (depending on the method used); if you may install too loose, it starts to slip out within 14 days.


Most of the ladies newly introduced to passion twists do it themselves, so they always have an average good impression on the first and second attempts.


So you don’t need much time and product to maintain daily or weekly.



Daily Routine: Ensure you detangle and moisturize while retaining in mind and at hand.


Also, apply the mousse every few days to keep the frizz at bay and maintain the shine.


Avoid mostly heat styling as much as you can. Cover your hair with a shower cap before entering the bathroom instead of using a blow dryer on your hair after bathing.


Weekly Routine: The only weekly routine we do is washing; I must do other care regimes daily.


Sleep Regime: Just like most of the protective hairstyles you have worn so far, you have to prepare them before going to bed every night.


Most people are too scared to go for it thinking it will take forever to install, but that’s far from the truth.


Installing the passion can take anywhere between 2-5 hours, depending on how experienced you or your hairstylist is with twist styles.


Passion Twists Hairstyle is a low-maintenance protective hairstyle.


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