Transit Uranus square Sun

It's common for this cycle to bring up stress, especially if you feel like you're being held back in some way. You have a tendency to look for more freedom in areas that have previously been restrictive. If you believe that a constraining environment will make it impossible for you to function properly, you may do whatever it takes to break through. As a result, you may feel a sense of dread and frustration as you try to achieve greater independence. Interference in achieving what your heart is set on might force you to behave unexpectedly and abruptly, making you less patient than normal.

As a result of your self-centeredness, frustration can wreak havoc on what you like and produce a rift between you and your pals. Duringastrologer readings , you may find yourself pursuing your own interests at all costs and refusing to compromise. However, if you utilize that same willfulness to achieve a specific goal that drives you, you will be able to overcome any obstacles that may arise. If you're used to seeing your development fluctuate up and down, this is the time to embrace the discontinuity and volatility.

Even if you have a strong will and can overcome more than most others, you are likely to meet conditions that challenge and deny your ability to achieve your goals. To get the most out of this, you must be willing to shift direction, even if it means abandoning your current path. Though the goal is clearly defined, it is generally achieved through a variety of methods rather than a single, unified strategy. Trying new and different strategies when the old ones don't work may be more productive, but it doesn't mean you have to accept every obstacle because you can't do it right now. In order to come up with original answers to difficult problems, you'll need to use all of your creative talent.

If your ego must prevail, this might be a stressful moment since you're likely to come up against others whose wills are equal to or greater than your own. Exhaustion and a tinge of craziness might result from fighting for your own self-interests. When things go awry, you may realize that life is less predictable than usual. In spite of this random element, it may open you up to previously undiscovered or latent areas of yourself, such as your creative potential. In contrast to taking unnecessary chances for the sake of self-aggrandizement, taking a risk on yourself by expressing what's in your heart might get you closer to what you want most.